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18yr Old Undiagnosed Leg/Foot Pain, Severe

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  • Posted By: Twistedben
  • April 30, 2009
  • 10:40 PM

I’m a 18 year old male, who has had 4 years of severe, chronic leg pain. Currently, I have seen over 19 doctors and not one can lay a single or even multiple diagnoses on. Right now, I sit at a neuropathy diagnoses, and a bunch of other random, none conclusive diagnoses.
My pain is in my left leg and only my left leg. It’s beyond severe now. A sharp pain can sometimes arise in my left buttocks. Constantly an aching, burning pain flows through the back of my thigh and as far as down to the back of my knee. The pain skips the top of my shin, but continues down the left side of my shin to my ankle. It then picks up to a burning/tingling sensation at the end of my heel/middle of my foot. It can go as far as my toes, but usually settles in the ball of my left foot, and this pain can be aching, burning or tingling depending on “God knows What.” I also, lately, have been having a new pain which arose in the entire bottom of my foot. it feels like a pool of blood is just resting in the arch of my foot. When I touch it or put pressure on it, my foot feels as if a cold wind suddenly is blowing on it. It’s a very strange pain but now has brought my to using my cane again, because once I put pressure on it, it hurts.
When I sit, my feet turn blue/purple, yes both of my feet, and though remember I only have pain in the left. Also, my knees turn blue/purple, and both my feet/knees are cold, freezing cold, always.
I have sensitivity in both sides of my buttocks, if someone was to poke my cheek, I would hit the roof.
This pain, at sometimes, especially when sitting, can spike to such a severity, that I would seriously rather prefer death.
At first they thought it was L5 herniated disc, or any disc above that. I’ve had over 4 MRIs, disproving any herniation, and also an EMG study, which came back extraordinarily good. Still though, I had a lumbar block, 3 of them for the L5 disc, which did nothing. So then I went onwards. I was then told that I was too skinny by a orthopedic and to do extensive physical therapy, well I was sorry that my metabolism was so extravagant, but I did enlist myself into physical therapy (for the third time.) Then again, it did nothing for me. I then went to a neurosurgeon, who thought that I may have a clear case of Piriformis Syndrome, which threw me, but after explanation, I believed that I may have had it. So I followed through with a series of Piriformis injections, which did very little. I also had a trigger point injection, which was terrible, but did nothing. So then I followed through with Piriformis surgery, in which they dissected my Piriformis muscle. They found a tethered nerve entrapment, (sciatic) and a small problem with the muscle, the surgeon then corrected it. The surgery was rough but I did it, and that was 6 months ago.
No positive reactions resulted from the surgery. I’m still miserable, if not worse.
I’ve also been in pain management all along this time, about 2 years. Since I didn’t get better, my pain management doctor thought maybe just maybe I had RSD, so we did a lumbar sympathetic block, which also, did nothing. I again recently had another one of these. Also I have done many steroid injections in all different areas. As well as acupuncture, all of this did not help.
My medications: I have done steroid schedules, I have done Lyrica/Neurontin which neither helped it almost seemed like the Lyrica made it worse, I am currently on: Valium (muscle), Oxycodone 5 mg, Percacet, Morphine (MS CONTIN),), and Tramadol. Pain killer’s help, but they don’t cure, we all know this…
RSD, Discs hierniations, Piriformis, and pretty much anything practical has been ruled out.
Please, if a doctor has any idea what I may have, I will worship the ground you walk on. I dumbfound doctors for some reason. My doctor thinks possibly a Spinal Cord Stimulator is my next step. I DON’T WANT THIS, I’M 18 YEARS OLD. Please help.
Thank you for reading, TwistedBen

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