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gradual memory loss .. any explaination ?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 1, 2006
  • 03:09 PM

you know, i thought it was stress .. but stress dont kill you .. well actually, it does :s but no no this is unrelated to stress, i'm positive ..
it all started last year, when i started lossing my memory slowly .. at the beginning, it was nothing .. i simply couldnt remember my conversations with friends , i was always like '' huh? we talked about that before ? '' n then i started paying attention to it when my friends started givin me hard time about it, accusing me of ignorance n that i dont care n all that crap which wasnt true ... then slowly, it started affecting my language ..i was losing my eng voc so quick although i depend on english, its the language i use the most .. 1st was voc then grammer and man .. now it can a big mess :s ... then it hit me when i started forgettin names .. names of ppl ive been with for years .. names of ppl i see everyday .. my professors .. my class mates and even my best friennds .. no i didnt forget their last name .. it was their FIRST name that i couldn't remember ... thats when i started freakin out ... things didnt stop, it got worse when i began to forget names of items like tv , book , phone , car n that was in arabic .. MY MOTHER TONGUE .. i couldnt name things .. my memory was blank ... n now its affecting my studies coz whatever i study, i forget the next day .. its so bad that i even forget my ABC .. im a medical student, soon to be a doc and we rely 100% on our memory .. I CANT AFFORD TO LOSE IT ...ppl think i dont study, they dont understand the fact it hurts when i do coz i know that i wont remember a thing ... doctors are accusing me of being a careless student n that im not good enough to be a doctor ... they dont see what i go through .. they dont get the fact that i do .. i do try so hard though it hurts but i still try but its not working .. my future is on the line here ... if i dont get my memory back, i'll lose everything ...
it didnt stop with memory .. now, i cant even concentrate on ANYTHING .... like if im having a conversation, id look like im daydreaming but im not , i just drown into nothingness n be all blank ... its scary .. coz even when i drive, i cant seem to focus on the road , i like '' wake up '' every few seconds, to realize that im driving ... im losin my concentration here .. i mean, i cant seem to have my mind around to the fact that, i forgot to lock the toilet's door so many times now .. CMON PPL .. IT HAPPENS AUTOMATICALLY .. we all lock the toilet's room automatically ... i dont know whats happening to me ... like the other day, i actually switched the car on n drove for like 1 meter with the door open .. i wasnt focusing enough to realize that i didnt close the door - which i always do even before inserting the key - .. CAN U EXPLAIN THAT ?
my vision have became blurred . everything at 3 meter away is blurred ...its freaky ... very freaky ... i did check my eyes and they said they were ok
no im not stressed n im not going through anything .,. these things r not related to my psychological state .. it has been a year now .. n if this thing goes any longer, id probably forget who i am, lose my idenity in 3 years max ....
i'm so scared ...

i did CBC , all normal , no iron deficiency
i'm 21, not on drugs or alcohol n im not stressed or depressed !

anyone can explain that ? could be a degenerative brain disease? but im too young ... lol

some one help me ...

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