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Erectile Dysfunction at 26?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 13, 2009
  • 03:32 PM


I cant have any erection during the day at all. this has been going on for a few days. Before that I had been binge drinking. I took around 4-5 beers and other alcoholic beverages daily for around 3-4 days. I think I took the beers(4-5)within an hour or two each time.

Now I cant seem to have erections at all. I have the morning erections but they seem to go away as soon as I get out of bed.

Have I damaged any vein (nervous) system due to drinking?

Or is it low testosterone only? Please let me know cause I am having severe depression due to this.

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  • If you feel this problem could be attributed to alcohol, and there are no other symptoms but those relative to drinking ... it is my understanding that it takes a minimum of 30 days, maximum of 90, for full sexual function to return following abstinence from alcohol. If you feel it could be anything else, I'd go get it checked out.
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  • Yes, I use cell phone carry it in my pocket all the time, but I have been using wifi and cell since many years but never had this problem. I think this is because of the alcohol. Please let me know if this will go away or not. :(neurotransmissing please let me know if you have gone thru this? any help will be greatly appreciated.
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  • Alcohol always effects adversly to your sex life. Alcohol intake in the excess and on habitual basis is found to affect the sex life adversely. Alcoholic men are double the times prone to the impotence problem and women who drink excessive alcohol generally face the problem in sexual arousal and also during the pregnancy. Alcohol intake is surely making you to enjoy your life for a moment, but it is making your life ***l once the hallucination through the alcohol dosage is gone. Alcohol intake affects not only the sex life but it damages the entire health system of the individual making him prone to many diseases. The first thing what alcohol does is that it decreases the resistant power of the person. This makes him prone to many ailments which directly or indirectly affect the sex life. Excessive alcohol intake on habitual basis causes the erectile dysfunction in men. When a man suffers with erectile dysfunction, he is unable to attain the erection or sustain the erection during the sexual activity. Erectile dysfunction is observed mainly due to the insufficient supply of the blood to the penis during the sexual activity. Alcohol intake is the reason why the circulation of the blood in the body is affected. Due to the excessive alcohol intake the blood in the body gets mixed with the alcohol and becomes heavy. This affects the blood supply to the all body parts and consecutively to the penis leading to the erectile dysfunction in men. Sometimes the men who drink too much alcohol are unable to attain the erection because the signals from the brain that are send to the penis for the erection are discarded due to the alcohol intake. Alcohol affects sex life adversely when taken above the limit. Yes, when alcohol is taken in limit and rarely doesn’t harm your health. But, when it is taken in excess it certainly is going to affect the health adversely. Women who drink excessive alcohol generally suffer with the arousal problem or loss in the libido. The alcoholic women may also suffer a pain during the sex due to the drying of the vagina and insufficient stretching of the vaginal muscles. Problems in the pregnancy are also noted among the women who drink alcohol a lot. Failure to bore a child is noted frequently in the women who consume excessive alcohol habitually. The problem of premature ejaculation is found to be prominent among the alcoholic men. The ejaculation mechanism in the penis is guided by the penile nerves that control the ejaculation fluid to burst out of the penis. But, when a person drink too much of the alcohol the nerves in the penis are unable to control the ejaculation and as a result of which men ejaculate very rapidly during the sex. The ejaculation takes place in between 1 to 2 minutes i.e. even before the partner is sexually aroused. In some cases no ejaculation is noted when nerve don’t lose there control. So, both the cases of ejaculation viz. premature and late ejaculation are noted due to the excessive alcohol intake. Alcohol affects the sperm count in the men. It has been noted that men who intake alcohol has a very less sperm count in comparison the men who don’t drink. The sperms in the men are found to be burn due to the excessive heat produced by the alcohol in the human body. Sometimes even the production of the new sperms is totally stopped due to the alcohol intake. The level of the testosterone in the body is also found to be reduced with the excessive alcohol intake. Scarcity of the mature sperms is another condition that is promoted by consuming too much of alcohol. Men and women should limit the alcohol intake if they want to enjoy their sex life to its fullest.
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  • Unregistered123, Yes, unfortunately ... I'm too familiar; my ex-husband went through similar ... and many others that we encountered in his recovery program that experienced the same. You will hear about this regularly if you are familiar with 12-Step recovery programs. It does sound like alcohol may be an issue for you ... perhaps you should consider treatment; it's nothing to be ashamed of, some of the finest and most upstanding people have been through this. You're worth it, put the booze down, dump it, get support ... and don't look back; it could be the beginning of the first day of the rest of your life ... A HAPPY LIFE; drinking as it sounds you do, I find it difficult to believe that you feel "truly" happy ... and you deserve to be. We all deserve to be, simply because we were born ... there is no other reason needed!! It's your human right simply because you are. In addition, this is not limited to alcoholism ... but substance abuse overall; addicts (crack, heroine, etc.) also suffer from sexual dysfunction. With recovery prior to damage being done beyond repair, depending upon the amounts consumed and for how long ... typically, it is the norm for libido to return unless there is so much damage done ... and also additional damage (as the poster above provides more detail) that it becomes irreversible. However, being so familiar with personal stories of others in recovery ... it is most common that libido returns after a period of abstinence minus any other conditions (I have yet to hear of a case that lasted more than 90 days). Quite common, quite reversible. So if this is the only condition you have, the drinking ... I suggest you abstain ... entirely and permanently ... and give it time, along with the aforementioned if you feel other possibilities could be the cause. Life really is better without alcohol/drugs if you have the right support ... go to the people that are going through what you are. I suggest you begin by calling Alcoholics Anonymous; it's all confidential and they are very, very compassionate. They will help you. They will give you helpful suggestions and point you in the right direction ... and insure that you will receive help and recovery if YOU want it and take the initiative to follow through with the information you are provided. My prayers are with you, get sober ... and get libido!! Wooo-hooooooo!! ;)
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  • Hi, 'Everyone thanks for your replies. But I am not sure what treatment to get. My doctor thinks this is could be psychological and is also doing diabetes testing etc etc.I am definite that this is because of the alcohol. Please let me know what treatment is available for me? to regain libido and full sensation in my penis?@Nerotransmissing-please let me know what treatment I should seek? I have since the discovery of ED (2 weeks ago) given up on alcohol altogether. Are there any medications taken by patients such as ur ex husband ? Moreover, how soon did they recover?Plz let me know thanks.
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  • Hi, 'Everyone thanks for your replies. But I am not sure what treatment to get. My doctor thinks this is could be psychological and is also doing diabetes testing etc etc. I am definite that this is because of the alcohol. Please let me know what treatment is available for me? to regain libido and full sensation in my penis? @Nerotransmissing-please let me know what treatment I should seek? I have since the discovery of ED (2 weeks ago) given up on alcohol altogether. Are there any medications taken by patients such as ur ex husband ? Moreover, how soon did they recover? Plz let me know thanks. If you have been abstinate for two weeks, I think you probably would not be a candidate for meds. Since you are online, I suggest you go here:http://www.aa.org/?Media=PlayFlash and look for meetings in your area and treatments options that are available. Recovery = total abstinence, you don't drink, ever, period. It sounds difficult, but it is not if you use the "tools" and techniques they will provide you with. Also, in your local phone directory, you will find the listing for Alcoholics Anonymous; there should be some offices listed in various locales near you. Call them for meeting schedules and times; you don't need to bring anything, there is no fee, no cost, it's totally free ... just bring you, just be there. Talk to others there, they will help you and know where to direct you if you/they may feel meetings are not enough to initially sustain your recovery and keep you going in the right direction. As for when substance-abuse recovery takes place ... when it no longer rules your life; when you are able to remain abstinent and it's not "stuck in your head" anymore ... when you no longer dwell on it, when you no longer desire the substance. It takes time, but it works. As long as you do what is suggested of you (attend meetings, work the Steps as outlined in the literature, use a sponsor to guide you, and so forth ... ) you can, and will recover. It's a choice, and it's your choice; nobody can make this choice for you. Further, when you make this choice ... have no reservations about it, no second thoughts. It sounds like you have taken this far enough. Think of it this way: You are allowing a substance to control you ... a substance, which has no intellect, no brain, no say; you are being controlled by it. Just like a cigarette, who is in control? Smoking cigarettes has been my battle; that cigarette ... look at it, had ALL the power ... and I had none! How pathetic it was when I realized that cigarettes controlled me, I did not control them. They told me how it was, they ruled, they called the shots .... I did not, that ... my friend ... I could not allow. I had to take control of me from that cigarette, and I did; I hope you will do the same with the alcohol. You will need help and support, please get it. At 21 (I'm 42), I did ... I got a DWI, then I got sober; I never touched it again ... so yes, that makes me a recovered alcoholic, even though my 'stint' was not as severe and long lasting as that of others and experiences with their addictions; I am very grateful that I stopped when I did ... I didn't have to go through all those things, they hadn't happened to me "yet" .... but I assure you, if I ever choose to pick up a drink ... those "yets" are waiting for me!! My addictions are over in the corner doing pushups and getting stronger, just waiting for me to slip up and pick up ... so I can go through all those "yets" that do anxiously await me ... I've seen it, far too many funerals. Cigarettes had me though, for 15 more years; now society finally sees ... cigarettes ARE a mood-altering substance, a deadly addiction, just like any other. I am ... guilty as charged, but recovered!! As for my ex, he got all those "yets" and is still on a roll ... all of the ***l he is putting himself through (as so very many do) is absolutely tragic ... and although I have PML, it would come as no surprise to me if he lost his life long before I lose mine. Personally, and at the risk of taking a bashing from the "non-alcoholics" that can take that one drink of wine on occasion with no impact to their lives, their health, or that of others .... I wish alcohol was illegal. Read the papers; directly and indirectly, it takes countless lives ... I don't understand, I guess it's all about money; think of the revenue lost if alcohol were taken off the market. Revenue v. Life = Revenue Wins
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  • Erectile dysfunction (ED) has become a very much prominent problem among men. During erectile dysfunction men are unable to attain the erection or sustain the erection for the sufficient amount of time during the sexual intercourse. Millions of men all over the world are suffering from this one common condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED). But, regardless of whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction occasionally or chronically you are probably embarrassed and ashamed of the situation. Nowadays many factors like age, illness, and other variables are causing the erectile dysfunction in men.
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    • November 12, 2009
    • 09:00 AM
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