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Need Help with Chronic Rash

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  • March 21, 2009
  • 05:09 PM

Rash began 5 years ago, diagnosed as Delayed Pressure Urticaria, also have cold related Pressure Urticaria and dermatagraphism. Went through steroids and antihistamine treatment and seemed to have rash under control. Slowly weaned off most meds except taking two Zyrtec and two Zantacs daily. Applying Clobetasol topically to get relief from hottest spots. Only time I was getting a breakthrough rash in last year was right before my period began and during the period. At start of last "cycle", rash started and has continuously gotten worse. I have it in quite a few areas of my body and this time it has taken over my entire scalp and ears and neck. I also have lumps from the size of peas to the size of dimes under my skin on my neck. They are slightly painful and the skin covering the lumps itches. I have never had this many lumps or this much rash on my scalp. I was started on Allegra 180 mg. yesterday in addition to what I already was taking. Also started on a Prednisone taper and have an oilbased steroid to apply to scalp 3xweek at bedtime (and put on shower cap for sleeping) and am to shampoo with only "free" shampoo.

I've had multiple blood testing ANA and others to test for Lupus and many autoimmune diseases which often present with a rash before the TRUE cause surfaces. My tests were inconclusive.

Has anyone ever had anything like this? What caused it? Should I be concerned about these lumps??? Please HELP!!!!

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  • has anyone told you about berger disease, or hystiocitosis???
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  • In answer to Blaze, I am located in a very rural area but after doing a search I am less than a mile from several Towers and Antennas.My job does keep me in front of a computer screen for 8-9 hours daily, sometimes 7 days per week. I am not sure when I received my first flat-screen monitor, but in the last two months I was given a much larger, flat-screen monitor. What can be done to find out if I am sensitive to the electromagnetic field? Also, why when the rash is "under control", I only have breakthroughs in the day or two prior to my monthly cycle and the rash usually subsides within two to three days after the cycle is over. FYI I am soon to be 48 years old if that helps.
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  • has anyone told you about berger disease, or hystiocitosis???Kanan MD - No, no one has told me about berger disease. I followed the link and I do not have high blood pressure, I have extremely low cholesterol, no swelling of my hands, only occassional swelling of my feet. I do sometimes have red spots on my eyelids and wake with the eyelid(s) swollen. I have not noticed any darkness to my urine although once in awhile I notice a black speck (the size and shape of a piece of glitter) in the toilet after urinating. I have always assumed it was in the toilet before I urinated. ???Has anyone had symptoms like mine from the consumption of sugar-free gum, or diet sodas? I chew a lot of gum and have 2-3 diet sodas per week. I drink a LOT of Culligan (Culligan is provided at my office.) Thanks for everyone's replies!
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  • Have you seen an endocrinologist? The correlation between your rash and your period is suggestive of a hormonal issue causing all of this. Have you mentioned this to your docs?
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  • Yes, I mentioned it to my Dermatologist and the Nurse Practitioner at the Dermatologist's office this visit and each of the last few visits. No one has mentioned an Endocrinologist. Forgive my ignorance, but what could they do about it?Thanks for your assistance!
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  • Well, I am certainly no expert when it comes to this.....but it seems to me if your hormones are involved (gets better or worse around your cycle) then they would be able to identify if that was the cause. Endocrinologists study the glads of the body, including the ones that produce your cycle. I honestly don't know if they could help you......but it might be worth a try if you are not getting anywhere using other routes.
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  • You may want to try essential fatty acids/Omega 3/Fish oil supplements and see if this helps. Evening primrose oil may also be helpful. A good herbalist may be able to offer help with your chronic skin problems. Topically, you can try a concentrated aloe product like Herbal Aloe Force Skin gel, or colloidal silver on the affected areas. Your hunch about diet sodas and sugar free gum may be spot on- try eliminating ALL artificial sweeteners for a month and see if your symptoms improve. Also, since you were on steroids you are more likely to have candida issues. Google candida overload for info on this and see if any other of your symptoms fit. This would also fit with the hormonal changes you are experiencing due to your age. Best wishesDOM
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  • What do you think about having a hair analysis done? Would that show me what levels are built up in my body?
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  • Hi, I did a MRI 7 months ago and after that I got a pressure urticaria associated with aburning sensation (such as neuropathic pain). However this very strange because my levels of histamine are allright and i don't have itch. I was wondering if this adverse reaction was due to Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Is there anyone who suffer from this symptom that had done an MRI? You can see a photo here: http://s3.amazonaws.com/medhelp_images/profiles/1070027_fs?1258314187 It takes minutes laying down in bed for my skin to look like this. Thank you, Joao
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    • February 27, 2010
    • 03:09 PM
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