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Border Personality Disorder or/and Asperger's Syndrome???

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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • March 19, 2009
  • 03:15 AM

Once again a doctor is disagreeing with one of my medical diagnoses given to me by another doctor. So im trying to get some clarity.

This time my GP (who im also currently living with) .. is saying she strongly believes I have Asperger's Syndrome. (Her own son, brother and ex husband all have this issue and have been diagnosed by various specialists, so she's very familiar with Asperger's, Asperger's thinking and Asperger's traits.
i myself note that I do think like her Asperger's son.. Im more alike him than I are to an average person. I actually understand him and resonate to him easily) ..

She thinks the Borderline Personality disorder diagnoses I currently have, which has been previously confirmed by a psychristrist at one of our states main hospitals last time I was in hospital.. is wrong due to it being Asperger's (she believes). I DO/did have all the diagnostic traits for BPD when i was diagnosed with that. (she admits that she dont know much about BPD so is basing her own assessment on me on her familiarity with Asperger's).

Anyway.. this has all left me feeling confused with, maybe i dont have BPD after all? (if i fit the criteria like i did and maybe still do.. does that prove the psychristrist diagnoses of me was correct?),

do i have Asperger's?? (i myself think i dont "quite" fit the criteria for this.. but on what ive been reading it's hard to assess and someone needs to be highly familiar with Asperger's for a proper diagnosis of it.. and there are many different criterias for it out there which keep on being changed as they learn more about this illness. The world expert on that illness in his book says one shouldnt be diagnosed with it solely based on set criteria alone but one needs to look at all the traits) ..

or do i have both of these?

There are many similiarities between BPD and Asperger's eg the different thinking.. I take everything literally, emotional blow outs and other things.

I think the fact that I also have CFS/ME could possibly further confuse my symptom picture as some of my CFS/ME symptoms overlap with Asperger's ones eg noise intollerance, sensitivities to things, sleep issues, problems understanding things, clumbsyness, i get "overload" etc

Can anyone help me to understand more where my correct diagnoses is.

(Im going to ask my doctor to send me to an Asperger's expert.. for another opinion.. umm while Im at it maybe i should ask to be sent to a borderline personlity disorder expert too for a second opinion).

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