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Can thyroid problems effect your swallowing and breathing?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 3, 2009
  • 04:34 AM

I have been having a lot of problems recently with both issues. Over the last two months I have been having problems with my throat I sometimes feel like there is a ball stuck inside of it constantly. I get this strange throbbing feeling in my throat at times it comes and goes though. I have had some difficulty swallowing food and liquids, and sometimes it gets to the point where I feel I cant swallow saliva.

I have to have my thyroid checked soon, so I was just wondering if any of these symptoms sound familiar?

It is hard to deal with... occasionally I feel I can't breathe well enough, but it comes and goes.

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  • I'm having the same thing right now, for the past several months and slowly getting worse.It's affected my breathing and speaking, and I also feel like there's a lump in my throat. I left school early Monday, and went to the doctor straight away after feeling like I was going to faint. Things just generally felt odd in my throat, chest, and eyes.. something was up.Blood tests were done that afternoon and I have an Thyroid Ultrasound next week.. in the meantime I get to stew about the possible cause of what the doctor said is a swollen thyroid gland. :|
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  • I'm kind of glad it's not just me. I have to go back to a gasto doctor in April for an upper endoscopy, and I have to get blood work and get my thyroid checked. It's just really scary to deal with. Thanks for responding:)
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  • It's very scary, as though your body is letting you down and you don't know why, or what's next..Have you had any feelings of dizziness, weakness or fainting?Sometimes it comes on in a wave for a few minutes at a time.
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  • I have had dizziness, but it only happens sometimes. It sucks though because I was at work when the dizzy spell started, and it really sucked I thought I was going to have to leave early, but it stopped. I hate being paranoid about this. Did you find out anything about your thyroid test yet?
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  • It's amazing how similar symptoms appear eh.. dizziness, tight throat etc.And you're right, being paranoid is all a part of it. I suppose the best we could do is relax a little - don't worry about what you can't fix, for now.I'll get blood test results this week, probably when I go for the ultrasound Thursday.
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  • good luck with your ultra sound thursday. I have to go do bloodwork tomorrow I'm not looking forward to it at all. I really hope I can find out what's wrong though because this hasn't been very fun to deal with at all. It's hard to keep calm sometimes, but I have to try because this will ruin my life if I don't. The waiting and the doctors appointments and tests are just so nerve wracking to deal with at times.
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  • Good luck as well!Don't worry, you're right, it will make it worse.. and all will be clearer in time. :)
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  • thanks:)It will work out
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  • Gotta love when docs plant that seed of worry in your head..Blood tests came out fine, and the ultrasound found nothing wrong with my thyroid!Well, what's next?.. gonna send a scope down my throat to take a look at the inside - because obviously it's not the thyroid causing problems. Hmmm.
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  • I'm having the endoscope thing done soon... I have a doctor appointment tomorrow hopefully he tells me something about the bloodwork I had done... and I have to get my thyroid checked ughh.. I wish this would end
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  • I got my bloodwork results back everything is normal no thyroid problems... ugh
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  • My goodness eh?! I wonder what these doctors are thinking..More so, I wonder what the problem really is. What else could it be?Because the problem is real - we can feel it!Hopefully the endoscope will take a better look..
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  • Wow! I am ever glad I found you folks.It's comforting not to be alone!I've had ALL of the same symptoms including my latest one...dizziness(not sure if this is related or not).Have either of you had any issues with reflux as well?
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  • Actually, yes!There are times, a couple times a week, where I get just the worst heartburn (that can't be good for ya).. so I take rolaids/tums and that seem to help.But you just can't help thinking how things are related.. :|
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  • Yes, I have.My gastro doctor prescribed me aciphex for the reflux.. it works pretty good, but I still have the breathing issues and ball in throat. Tums help and drinking water.I really hope I find answers soon
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  • Hi cfquestions, They symptoms you have listed are practically identical to the ones I've been suffering for 2-3months now (light headed dizziness, srtange feeling in eye, tight throat, strange sensations in the chest). I've had the blood test and heart scan to check and they seemed to have found nothing. I'm going to ask something more related to the chest/throat to find out what's going on. Have you had any results from your throat tube thing? Wishing you the best of health!
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  • I've yet to have the endoscope appointment..I don't know about there, but here it seems the process takes so much time. Wait lists galore!In time I think we'll all get to the bottom of this. I can't even imagine what the real story is, but I'm leaning towards conventional medicine not really knowing. They don't seem to listen, or rather, they don't know how to treat people holistically.All in all, what we may be suffering could amount to a number of little things (stress etc.). That doesn't mean there is nothing physically wrong - and we'd like to pinpoint the problems.
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  • I know what you mean by the conventional medicine route not being amazing... it's frightening to find out that Doctors who you believed knew everything about illness don't actually seem to be as knowledgable when there's something wrong with you. My GP sent me home 4 times in the last 6 months on account of "Anxiety" yet the problem is still here and getting worse... Anyhoo, good luck once again cfquestions :)
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  • Likewise there, good luck, get well and keep us posted. :)
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  • I'm a 42 yo male. You may want to check with a natural doctor or at least a pharmaceutical doctor that embraces homeopathic methods. Blood tests don't tell everything when it comes to your thyroid. The Thyroid produces two hormones: T3 and T4. These hormones help regulate your metabolism and temperature. It helps the body make energy and assists other organs in their function. I am not a doctor but have had Hypothyroidism for over 2 years now. I have tried Levothyroxin and Synthroid (both synthetic hormones) to no avail. My symptoms persist and the dosages had to be constantly adjusted. After much reading, the synthetic hormones, not just Levothyroxin and Synthroid have been known to attribute to causes of various cancers. Ask any woman on synthetic estrogen replacement and ask her if she isn't scared to death about getting cancer. There is an alternative to the above mentioned hormones for your Thyroid. It's called Armour. It's made by using desecrated healthy pig thyroid glands. Not only is in natural and your body can assimilate better than synthetic hormones, it also contains both T3 and T4 hormones instead of only T4 for the synthetic hormones. If your doctor won't help you in getting on Armour, I would suggest you get a different doctor. I have been on Armour for 4 weeks now and am finally feeling like my old self again. Do your own research on Armour and you'll understand what I'm saying. Good luck to you all!
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