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Pramature ejaculation - resolved !!!!

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  • Posted By: steve92428
  • January 14, 2009
  • 10:49 PM


I had many problems of premature ejaculation too,
I met with doctors, but without success.
In only 2 weeks know rules through this:

Change his life!
Good luck

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  • hey there ,Look i know how hard living with premature ejaculation can be because i suffered from it for 6 years. Iam 24 years old and had this problem since i was 18 until last year. I tried everything possible to be honest , so many product on the market i wasted my money on and so money painful and expensive techniques i have tried but with no success. Premature ejaculation is a serious problem which can cause serious dents to your self confidence, create problems in your relationships and sometimes can even result in ending of a relationship due to inability to perform in bed.I've been in your position before. I know what it feels like to desperately want to satisfy a woman, but not being able to last long enough to do so.Not only is it an embarrassing problem, it is a frustrating one because I can get an *****ion but I can't enjoy it. But that's not the worst part…every girl I have been with stopped having sex with me after a few times of sex and then broke up with me or left me. I got more and more nervous and the problem became worse and worse. One time, I had an orgasm before the girl even kissed me. I felt like dieing , because i used to go few strokes before i **m now i dont even get there, so trust me i had it bad.here is a list of the things i tried :Iron Wood, Indian God Lotion, Kwang's Solution ,via growth , The stop start technique , Masturbating before sex, kegel exercises , Stud100 , pills and herbs , anti depressant and ssri's, The ejaculation trainer, yoga. and you will be surprised how many of those we_will_cure_premature_ejaculation.com website i fell for, same **** different names. they all look alike ,long one paged websites , money guaranteed, guess what zero results and no money back.Bottom of the line here what worked for me, few years ago i was traveling for a summer vocation over the Middle East. After injuring my foot in a nasty game of soccer i went to this pharmacy and bought a desensitizing spray. When I was home I read the bottle and it said something about helping people with pe. I gave it a try but it numbed my penis and i didn't feel anything at all, but i thought i would go with it until the end and gf didn't mind neither. I inserted my penis in her and i didnt feel anything, it was so numbs i didnt even feel if I was in her or not. Now some people might say: so what? it doesn’t matter as long as the gf or the wifey is pleased , i mean how many times guys with pe had to **m and leave their gfs unsatisfied, so its time to return the favor. BUT GUESS WHAT? PE IS A BAD Curse. because if you dont feel any sensation around your penis you will loose erektion. which what happened to me. she kept trying to turn me on and get me excited but my D**K refused to get hard , so i cured my pe problem but developed an ed ( erektile dysfunction- i know its spelled wrong but it will be censored if i dont misspell it - when you cant get your penis hard) . and thats not the only problem , girls wouldn't like knowing your numb and not enjoying them. People always gave bad reviews for Desensitising sprays but that proved it right there for me.few months later i tried the same spray again but this time . i tried a different dose , different way to apply , time of application and how long to leave it on. Then i went to have sex , for the first time in my life i went past 10 strokes, we had sex for a decent 45 minutes , i was covered in sweat with huuuuge smile on my face , i didn’t believe i finally found something that worked for me . since then every time i use the spray i average 30-60 minutes which is just amazing comparing to what i used to average before.Look many people will criticize Desensitizing sprays but did you guys know that at the beginning of 2010 a new drug will hit the market and its a Desensitizing spray. Its all over the news, its called tempe spray. they have a nice website-http://www.ejaculationspray.com/- and it shows all the phases that the drug went thru , right now it passed phase three in both Europe and USA and they are looking for a approval from the fda so hopefully it will in the market by 2010 so until then you can try the spray I tried , so if the fda is going to prove a Desensitizing spray for premature ejaculation it better be safe. When I came back to usa I found this company and they also have a store in ebay to sell the spray that iam talking about for less than $23 ,they are the cheapest and I think they are the distributers so give it a try u have nothing to loose if you were like me and tried everything else before. Iam not sure if iam allowed to say the name of the spray here because some forums wont allow that, so please if you need the name of the spray or how to use or how to get or even if you need any other information about PE or anything I can be of any help or just want to talk about how painful pe can don’t hesitate emailing me I been through this rough road and willing to help anybody I can help.just_want_to_help@hotmail.comjust_want_to_help at hotmail dot comMike
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  • I know of PE myself and what it can cause. Not only physically but most importantly emotionally. It can seriously mess you up, making you to prefer loneliness and depression that relationships and sex. I have been there, I know.The spray solution, and there are many, can help you last longer BUT it does not cure PE. It just nams your penis and you do not feel much during sex. I tried it, I know. It does help you last longer BUT I AN TELLING YOU, IT DOES NOT CURE PE. The bad things about these sprays is that you have to applied it before sex, which means that you have to schedule having sex and that in most cases is not possible. Second, it tastes terrible. I have not tried it my self of course :-) but my girlfriend told me. After I applied it, she tried to give oral sex and she almost throw up. So, that is an other thing gone from your sex life.I have written this before, if you need to cure PE you need to be patient, see a specialist, read about it and work through it. My self did and followed a lot of things to find those that worked for me. We have created a blog where, with the group I joined with men that faced the same issues with me, share our experiences with what we have tried. You can learn a lot from what others are saying about it. www.lastlongerinbedblog.net
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  • Hey, thanks for the information.Yeah. I would also like to suggest you that if you are having PE, its always better to consult a specialist in these sexual health cases. generally people ,many times suggest you to go for medicines likes of Viagra, these medicines definitely helps you in boosting your sexual stamina but then also its always better to consult doctor before taking these pills.
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  • Hey, thanks for the information.Yeah. I would also like to suggest you that if you are having PE, its always better to consult a specialist in these sexual health cases. generally people ,many times suggest you to go for medicines likes of Viagra, these medicines definitely helps you in boosting your sexual stamina but then also its always better to consult doctor before taking these pills.Agree with this. The best option outhere is by consulting your problem with your doctor why this happen because everybody seems have different cause of premature ejaculation. However, it might be worth to ask someone who have going through the same problem with you. You may hear their advice because it may help to fix premature ejaculation.Good Luck .
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