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Hearing "Voices"???

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  • Posted By: tidycat
  • November 24, 2008
  • 06:40 PM

My housekeeper, age 44, states she "hears voices" most of the time. These voices curse her and belittle her. She shuts her eyes momentarily, and holds her breath. Since I have never had this "problem", I am at a loss to help her. She is afraid to tell her physician, as she can not afford to be "hospitalized". She thinks these "voices" may be the "devil"?? Does any one have any information that could be helpful to me in trying to help her??
Thank you.

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  • hope this helps Facts about Hearing VoicesHearing voices does not mean that youare crazy Hearing voices is a special but notexceptional experience About 10% of people hear voices at some point in their lives and2% hear them regularly Not all of those people who hear voices have mental health problems (less than half of those who hear them regularly) Some people hear voices, others see visions or feel strange sensations. Voices can be experienced as inside or outside the head or body Sometimes voices are unpleasant and cause distress, but some voices are pleasant People of all ages may hear voices, including children and elders Some famous people who heard voices include ****s, Joan of Arc, Mohammed, Carl Jung, Ghandi, Alfred Wallis, Socrates, Michael Barrymore, Zoe Wannamaker and Anthony Hopkins Explanations for VoicesNo-one really knows where voices come from. A number of different explanations may be valid. Different ones may be helpful for different people. Some explanations for voices include:- A response to trauma, way of dealing with it or not Religious or spiritual gift (or torment) - God or the Devil talking Own thoughts being vocalised Telepathy They are like dreams Chemical imbalance – including due to drugs, genes, hormones Response to stress Supernatural or way of communicating with other worlds Brain damage A way of maintaining contact with people who have died An illness such as schizophrenia or manic depression A way of coping with life experiences A way of coping with overwhelming emotions A response to feeling powerless – this can be worsened if people have negative experiences in psychiatric services where they feel even more powerless
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    • November 25, 2008
    • 03:15 PM
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