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how to get info from kid? terrible gas. how can we get help from a doc?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 4, 2008
  • 06:28 AM

We have a 14 year old living with us who has terrible, stinky, constant flatulence. He goes to the bathroom several times a day, apparently for bowel movements. He is not comfortable talking about this. When he did answer questions, I got the impression that he has several soft bowel movements a day. When he was taking fiber (psyllium), it got better (didn't go away.) He won't take fiber now (hates taking pills.) However, we quit buying any cereal except high-fiber ones, and we have always had wheat bread. And we encourage fruits/vegetables, so he gets some fiber.

Another reason we quit buying any cereals except mini-wheats and raisin bran is that he has this eating thing. If we have anything that he particularly likes, he will eat it even to the point of getting sick. Although he is a good size and right weight. So we've pretty much quit having sweet things, etc, around. If I don't remember to tell him to have a reasonable amount of something, though, it is gone like smoke. This is not just sweets; once I had made a bunch of steaks and he counted out so that everyone else would get a piece then ate the rest-at least four steaks.

Most of the time, though, his diet is fair, and he doesn't gorge like that. Once we had identified that fiber helped somewhat, I took him to the doctor who pooh-poohed (sorry) the whole thing and said it was normal. For a fact, I can tell you its not. Our entire house stinks, it is embarassing and sickening. We encourage him to go outside but I think his gas is so constant that it is impossible, unless he were to live on the porch. I don't even know how he survives school. He comes home and immediately heads to the bathroom for 10 minutes.

We also have given him acidopholus. No observable results. However, since we don't know what is going on with him anyway except the obvious smell, and frequency and length of bathroom trips, who's to say. I did try a colon cleanser but that was worse. I suspect that they are for people with constipation and he has the opposite of that.

Besides him not being comfortable with the topic, there is the thing that if someone has had a certain bowel experience their whole life, then they don't *know* what "normal" is. So to him, this is normal. Perhaps I am reading too kindly into this; he has had a tough life and isn't necessarily truthful or forthcoming even when it is not a sensitive subject.

Any ideas, anyone? Especially, how to get a physician to help him? To get a good diagnosis? So we can have a plan to help him (and us).

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