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Hormones? I feel like I should be in a hospital. Please help.

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  • Posted By: patti103
  • September 21, 2008
  • 05:01 PM

I'm 33 yr old female. I remember having a heart palpitation when I was a child around 8 yrs old. I remember having some of the other symptoms as well, such as mild anxiety sometimes, my face would stay flushed for a long time after P.E. class. As the years went on the symptoms got worse. For the last six years my symptoms have been getting worse. For the past 2 weeks, my fatigue has been so bad I am beginning to think something else is so very wrong. My health is quickly deteriorating. I am not experiencing any new symptoms, but the symptoms I have had for the last 6 years are becoming severe. I had a thyroid T4 =1.19 Tsh=0.53 T3=.94. I am on synthroid 50mcg because my doc said let’s just do it. Tested for hashimoto’s- don’t have it, had an MRI 4 years ago- was clean, had ACTH stim test- no adrenal insufficiency, my blood labs come back fine, cholesterol is almost high, calcium and phosphorous are almost high. Three pregnancies had gestational diabetes tests and failed the short, had to take the long test and those came back fine. 13 other people in my family have similar symptoms only 2 being diagnosed, they both have thyroid disease. Could it be my pituitary, hypothalamus or parathyroid glands (high calcium)? Please help, I am retaining water today, my eyes hurt, my joints are achy, I have anxiety, my chest is tight. I can't seem to force myself to get anything done lately. I feel like I should be in a hospital, but I know just like the slew of Doctors I have already seen, they will just tell me there's nothing wrong with me because my blood tests are normal- so why waste my time? I live in Illinois just south west of Chicago. I need an expert- I need someone to save my life. Please help if you can.

My symptoms

Heart palpitations
Low temp
Low blood pressure
Pressure behind eyes
Dry skin, hair, nails
Thickening and darkening of skin
Buzzing in ear
Neck/ shoulder tension
Water retention
Don’t sweat
Lack of concentration
No sex drive
Feeling hot
Sensitive to bright days – snow is really bad
Eye pressure and dark holes in peripheral vision
Panic attacks
Numb fingers, arms and hands
Clench teeth when sleeping
Tired/ sleepy – drink caffeine to make it through the day
Pressure in head when I lay down, can hear it in ears
Pain in ankles
Water retention/ bloated
Light headed and see spots when I stand too fast
Brittle nails
Dry hair
Thinning hair at the front
Hair grows very slow
When I work out my face stays red for an hour after I cool off
Don’t sweat
Crave cheese tyrosine?
(during pregnancy – freezing)
Dry skin
Dry cuticles
See things out of the corner of my eyes
Bloated belly in evening
Shoulder tension
Headaches in back of head from shoulder tension
No sex drive - none
Dark spots on knees & elbows
Eyebrows – none on the outsides
Poor concentration
High cholesterol
Skin tags
Dark thick skin on knees and elbows
Inability to dilate during labor
Adult acne
Premature graying
Leg and arm weakness and pain
Hyperpigmentation around mouth

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