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Chronic Pins & Needles, Neurological Reactions On Skin with No Rash

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  • Posted By: mineemee
  • September 17, 2008
  • 11:21 PM

Hello all,

Need your help with a serious medical issuei'm experiencing. During the last week In May 2008 I started to experience these random, weird and intense neurological reactions all over my body. They went away for a month and started again and remained since July. These are the reactions:

-Itchy skin, prickling, sharp jabs of pins-and-needles all over
-Tiny electrical shocks
-Tingling, stinging or deep burning pain perhaps bone or muscular
-Crawling or feeling of electric worms
-A sensation that I can only compare to a strand of thread dashing across and sometimes the feeling of eyelashes rubbing softly against the skin
-The best way to describe the ever present underlying irritation is the feeling of water drops falling down the skin after stepping out of the shower and the sensation of your skin drying before moisturizing.

I experience all of the above sensations day and night randomly all over my entire body. My back legs, my scalp, my eyes, my heels, everywhere it doesn’t discriminate. I should also add that I don’t have any rash or physical manifestation of these irritations which why I think it’s neurological.

I’ve seen a few doctors and a neurologist and had a few tests performed. As of May, I was only slightly anemic but still have taken major steps to improve that. Tests for other vitamin deficiencies, diabetes, lead poisoning, thyroid irregularities have been negative or normal. After having a negative MRI w/contrast result, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) has been ruled out. My neurologist is going to perform an EMG to test my neurological reactions. If that comes back normal then he said there is nothing he can do except to test me every year to make sure these symptoms do not develop into something worst. He also prescribed me a seizure medication, neurontin to possibly help with the pains however, I do not believe in just relieving symptoms. I’m trying to get down to the root of this. Plus neurontin has too many side effects.

I don’t take any medications nor do I ever do drugs ever- not occasionally, not once, never! I stress this because once I had a doctor who asked me a million times to tell him if I really did do drugs. I understand now that some drug addicts experience a similar neurological disruption, or crawling feeling aka formication or paresthesia. I do drink rarely, perhaps one glass of something about 4 times a year or less. I am also a bad health nut. Like I am a vegetarian but do not enough in the day however I’ve started to improve. I’ve gone back to raw food diet basically cutting back on flour, wheat and sugar and eating raw vegetables, hearty green salads and lots of fresh fruits.

To make the whole situation worst my sister who is not anemic, and healthier that I am started experiencing the same symptoms recently but not as intense. Since we live together, is it possible that these symptoms are results of something environmental that is affecting us? If this is so, how do I even begin to test my environment and for what? Or since we are genetically linked is there perhaps some other medical disease or disorders I should be looking for? Anyone experienced anything like this before?

Lastly, what are holistic or naturopathic things I can look do improve my neurological health? My course with medical doctors is nearing to an end and I know I have to approach this from a different perspective. The hardest thing that has been is to find a doctor who is both a medical (MD) & also a Naturopath doctor (ND) hear in the New York City or at least qualified naturopathic facilities that deal with the nervous system. Any leads with that can be so helpful.

Happy health to all!!!!

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