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Dr.'s words: "Let it run it's course"

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  • Posted By: jagar100
  • August 23, 2008
  • 02:35 AM

I am so livid at a particular Dermatology Group that I take my daughter to. She's 2 years old and has moderate to severe eczema that we have been battling since her birth. I am considering suing for malpractice, or at the very least, writing a letter to the group of doctors. I need your opinion please as this could have been a fatal mistake if it wan't for my research and persistancy.

Painful little pus-filled boils started appearing on my daughter's bottom. I made an appointment with the derm. and was told it's a secondary infection to the eczema. He prescibed Cephalexin to clear it up, and 3 other prescrip. for the eczema and itching.

A few days later, we noticed a spot on her arm that we just knew had to be a brown recluse bite. We have killed several in our home before. It was very painful for her and looked horrible, she wouldn't let anyone near it. Made an emergency appointment for first available opening the next day to the pediatrician and took a list of the medications the Derm. had prescribed. The Ped. assured me it was not a spider bite, but it was a staph infection. She said she is taking the appropriate antibiotic, Cephalexin. Relief.

Back to Derm. for the follow up. Bumps are still there, but looking better. I told him we had gone to the Ped. and that she told us it was a staph infection. He went ahead and prescribed another bottle of Cephalexin, 4 times per day for 10 days as before.

Bumps are still not cleared up all the way, and have spread to other areas of her body. They are sore, red and raised. Back to the Derm. who said "the Cephalexin should have cleared it up" and prescibed a double dosage, 2 bottles.

2 bottles later, little improvement. They never quite all go away. One or two multiplies into clusters and spread to other parts of her body.
After my own research online I have dianosed my own daughter with MRSA, which is short for Methacillin Resistant Staph. A much more serious condition. As the name implies, normal antibiotics are not effective to MRSA. This had to be what she has. My online research scared me. It's a condition that is fatal if not diagnosed and treated. And it's contagious.
Called the Derm. b/c I wanted her tested for this MRSA. Found out my Derm. had retired just a week before. Had to see the other Dr. in the group. When I made the appt. I specified that I wanted the test done. During the initial visit with the nurse, prior to the Dr. coming in, I alerted her of my suspicions after my own research. Dr. looked at her and diagnosed her with Molluscum. He said it was a common condition that will go away on it's own, but does take time, sometimes months. I asked if it was contagious because I was concerned about the babies at daycare. "No, it's not contagious". Nurse assurmed me it's not a big deal, her daughter has it, and yes, sometimes they get inflamed. Dr.'s words: "Let it runs it's course" Nurse handed me a pamphlet and I left. No acknowledgement of my own suspicions, no prescriptions, nothing. Pamphlet was titled "MOLLUSCUM CONTAGIOSUM". So it IS contagious. But after reading the pamphlet and looking at pictures and doing more online research, I was not convinced. This isn't right.

No sign of improvement. Major break out all over with pus-filled boils, now spreading to palms, knees, and other areas. Few days prior, my babysitter had told me she had taken her son the emergency room because she thought he had a spider bite on his leg. Looked like my daughter's spot when I had my suspicions, but about 100x worse. She also made a pediatrician appt. who prescribed Cleocin. At the time, I didn't think anything of it.
My babysitter called me at work to tell me my daughter had fever and was feeling bad. I made an emergency appt. to the pediatrician. This was a red flag if my original diagnosis was right. I am going to have to demand a test. I told her that she had been taking Cephalexin for quite sometime. I didn't tell her yet that I wanted her tested for MRSA. She took one look at it, and said "Cephalexin isn't going to clear this up. It's called MRSA" and put her on Cleocin, the antibiotic that treats bacterial infections. She even showed me the difference in the characteristics of MRSA and normal staph. It's contagious if the puss is touched by anyone. She assured me my daughter would feel better within 24 hours. I gave her the first dose before bedtime. By the very next morning, a drastic improvement! Then it hit me. She gave it to my sitter's 2 year old son. I felt horrible. I called her immediately when I thought about it and she said "well the Dr. did ask me if anyone around him had any infections, but I didn't think of any". Well ofcourse not, because I had been telling her it's not contagious, per my Dr.! Not only that, her son's leg looked MUCH worse than my daughter's arm had looked.

So, it's here that I ask your opinion, advise and anything else you have to offer. Should I write a letter to the Dr. to raise his awareness of this condition so that he does't misdianose another person in the future, or should I seek legal counseling? I have spent so much money on co pays and prescriptions it makes me angry, but that is overshadowed by my level of rage when I think of what could have happened to my daughter if I had "let it runs it's course" like I was advised!

Thanks for reading.

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