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Can't find the right word....

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  • Posted By: abest32
  • June 26, 2008
  • 04:15 PM

I'm a little concerned about something that has been occurring more and more frequently over the last couple of years. At least a few times a day, when I am in conversation, I cannot think of the word that I am trying to use, even though I know it. I am fairly intelligent with a wide vocabulary so this is more a matter of not being able to recall the word in conversation/on the spot. This also happens with trivia such as famous people's names and names of places, but rarely with more familiar names of friends and clients. It is very frustrating since communicating is a large part of my job. I will point out that I am taking medication for depression and anxiety which seems to be regulated. I also had major abdominal surgery almost 2 years ago to remove 5 very large fibroid tumors. After the surgery, I told my surgeon about my memory problems, which he said were a normal side effect of the anesthesia and he assured me it would go away. Well, it hasn't. I have also been under a substantial amount of stress over the past two years, which is being alleviated...however the problem remains. I'm worried about loading myself up with herbal and "natural" remedies that are unproven. Does anyone have any ideas? :rolleyes:

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  • you could have had a minor stroke during your surgery from the anethesia...sorry...get checked by a neurologist...
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  • I took medication for depression, and experienced the exact same thing. I was on Paxil for a few years, switched to Lexapro, and eventually weaned myself off of all medication. The Paxil was the worst - I was always searching for the right words. It was as if they were inside of me, but I couldn't communicate what I was trying to say effectively. I typically have a very good vocabulary, and that was such a frustrating experience. Another thing that regularly happened was that I would be in the middle of telling a story or explaining something, and would forget what I was saying in the middle of a sentence. My family and friends were aware of what was going on, and were very patient with me. It was more difficult to interact with people at work... I often felt as if they assumed I was scatterbrained. I know just how you feel. This could very well be a side effect of your medication, and you should mention that to your doctor. What are you taking? Within a few weeks of stopping meds, I felt the difference. It was so sweet the day I realized that I didn't have those experiences any more. I do have empathy for my Dad, because he is starting to experience the same thing due to age. He looks to Mom more and more now to help him jog his memory. I had no problems with memory... it was just getting the words from my brain out of my mouth that was the problem. It felt as if there was a barrier between the two.
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