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Osgood Slaughter Disease at age 23

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 17, 2008
  • 03:05 PM

I recently injured my knee in an accident and when I went in for x rays I was told that I have osgood slaghter disease. I am 23 years old and have been told this is what teens usually get during growing pains. Is there anyother adults that have been diagnosed with this and if so did you get surgery? Any info would be helpfull. Thanks all

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  • i'v had osgood slaughter since i was 9 and now i'm 22 and still have pains the doctor told me there was no need for surgery
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  • Yes I was also told I have Osgood Schlatter Disease. I skateboard and Im 18. My friend that has it and told me about it is 20. I was a little confused because it was mainly found in younger children but it describes my symptoms exactly. Im still deciding on if I should have the surgery or not because I dont know what I would do if I could no longer skateboard.
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    • January 19, 2009
    • 11:13 PM
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  • i'm 27 years old and i was told i had osgood slaughter about 3 years ago i;ve had every treatment they have from a shot in the knee to surgery nothing worked i recently went the doc and he tells me not to do anything to cause it to hurt.I have 4 chidren all under 10.lol come on i have to work and would like to be able to run and play with them but it hurts to bad.suppose to grow out of it he says to me.its all in my head he said.
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  • I am a 48 year old man who has had Osgood- Slaughter disease since my early teens. I was big into track, and then wrestling and weight lifting. I haven't been able to comfortably kneel on the affected knee since. I am a commercial carpenter, and have been since high school. I was told back then that I would eventually grow out of it, but I assure you I never have - or maybe I'm still growing?! It hasn't been dibilitating, but just a nagging inconvenience. I'm curious if there is/was anything that could be done to fix it.
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  • I am 29 years old and live in southern california. I have had "O.S." since I was 7. The leg pain has come and gone over the years like a "charlie horse" that wont go away. It's now a once a year-summer thing. It effects my right leg from my waist to my ankle with soreness directly in my knee/shin. I've found that drinking 1-2 bottles of water will help you get to sleep if you wake up with a throbbing leg. Aspirin has side effects so my radical alternative is simply h20.
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  • I am 29 years old and live in southern california. I have had "O.S." since I was 7. The leg pain has c
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  • Hi Guys,Osgood Schlatters Disease is a condition that normally resolves as the person reaches skeletal maturity (i.e. it is normally something you grow out of). Generally it would be recommended that you trial conservative management for this condition before surgical intervention (unless there is something else going on that might warrant surgery). Surgery is VERY rarely indicated for patients with Osgood Schlatters Disease alone. Conservative treatment should generally comprise of appropriate Physiotherapy treatment which can drastically improve the condition. Rest from aggravating activities is also important as well as appropriate exercises to improve flexibility and strength of the surrounding muscles (devised by your physiotherapist).Hope that helps and good luck,PhysioAdvisor
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  • I am a 50 year old female and have suffered from osgood slaughter since I was a little girl. I was very athletic and it began with very tender and painful knees. It has never gotten better and I have very large knots on both knees which has always been a source of embarrassment to me. I have never been able to kneel on them because of the intense pain. I only found out the name of the condition recently from an orthopedic dr who diagnosed me with a condition known as plica band syndrome in addition to the osgood slaughter.
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  • Same here. I'm 28 and it just came back in left knee. Had it as a teen when I hit 6'4". Came back in college when I started running stairs more. Came back this year after a knee sprain. Wonder if playing basketball on a weak knee caused it to come back.Plan on toughing it out and keep running and playing bball. Betting it goes away in a year's time. Wish sooner.Probably won't see doctor.
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  • I read all the replies on Osgood Slaughter disease and I have a huge problem that needs answering. My daughter is the one with the disease and she just joined the army. She is in her 2nd week of boot camp and she just called home for the first time. She told me that her knee has been hurting her real bad because of all the running they have them doing let alone how they are always on their feet doing one excersise or another. She is unable to ask for aspirin or anything, can't even ask for ice and definately no wrap for her knee either. If she does she is afraid that they may send her home and she will not be allowed to go back. She is 19 and has had this disease since she was around 12 I guess. The Dr. told her she would out grow it but she never has. Could her current situation with the Army cause her severe damage to her knee or any other part of the leg? Would it be possible that the extra excercise she is doing cause it do go away? I read somewhere that certain leg lifts etc can help the pain go away. I hope to hear back from you soon. My email is rsmr99val@yahoo.com
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    • October 12, 2009
    • 01:28 AM
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  • im 23 and i had surgery 3 month ago i was told that it was the worst hes ever seen and that if it bothers me as much as he thinks it does than he wanted to do the surgery. SO now the knee hurts even more and the bump is even larger.i try to stay off them but im sooooooo active that its hard to not move or work out or work on my truck so im just fuc*ed and he said that i have alot of scar tissue and that over time it cud get better.so in my experance DONT GET THE SURGERY DONE just find the best drugs that help the most and pray that it just feels better. so sorry i got it done so far.
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    • January 26, 2010
    • 06:41 AM
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  • I am 19 years old turning 20 this month and i have had asgood slaughters for a little over a year now and i found out ive started growing again. is it safe to assume thats why i got it? and will it go away when i stop growing?
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  • I'm currently 22 years old, have had O.S. since 7th grade..was told i'd grow outta it and that it would go away, also read online that for it to proceed longer in life past 10-15 years old is rare.. i don't think so.. not only that i wasn't active in sports or anything really and still aquired the disease in both knees, along with a good friend of mine who also has it in both knees and is 22 years old.. I was told phys therapy could be tried and even surgery was mention by doctor but no way.. hopefully i can get a script for lortabs or something because that seems to help the best.. kneeling on hard surfaces is outta the question, and if to hit or get kicked in the knee would end my day and would fall to the ground in pain. What do we all do to get this disease under control??
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  • I am 59 years old and have had Osgood Schlatter's disease since 12. At that time, I underwent painful injections and was told I might need to be in a body cast for six months. I was able to forego the body cast. I am now a nurse and worked for a world-renowned orthopaedic surgeon. I have patella alta (my kneecaps sit too high on my femur and put pressure on the patellar ligament). I did exercises for many years which took care of the pain and made the lumps smaller. Now yoga does the trick.
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    • August 23, 2014
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