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  • Posted By: clumpy0318
  • March 3, 2008
  • 04:48 PM

On Dec. 1, 2007 was my first day all of a sudden I had chest pain. I first had 2 heart tests, a stress echo and then 2 weeks after that a regular echo. I also had an EKG, chest x-ray, thoracic spine xray, D-Dimer blood test (checks for possible clots), barrium swallow, ultrasound of my upper righg quadrant (mainly to check gallbladder) and then on 1/24/08 I had an endoscopy and was told I had Low Grade A Esophagitis. Now mind you, all this time I'm still having chest pain/discomfort whether it be mild or more than mild and alot of times it would radiate through to my back like I had a pole through my body. So on 1/25 (day after endoscopy) I was put on Protonix 2x's/day and was supposed to do this for 8 weeks. Well after 4 weeks not only did I not feel better I was having side effects so the doc change me to Nexium, still 2x's/day. I went 1 more week like this and STILL not feeling well, chest pain/discomfort and still some side effects like CHEST PAIN, stiff joints (knees), stiff/sore neck, flatulence, anxiety (experienced 2 panic attacks AT WORK 2/13 and 2/19), and overall ill feeling. So after 5 weeks, still not feeling 'any' better. Talked to the gastro doc on Friday, 1/29/08 and he says that he might want to do another endoscopy after I see him for my follow up apptmt., which btw isn't til April 9th! But in the meantime, take the Nexium only once/day now in the morning. I also incorporated digestive enzymes and probiotic's to my diet to hopefully help w/whatever 'caused' the Esophagitis which the doc says was acid reflux. WELL, I NEVER had but ONE AR symptom, NOTHING, but I'm trying to do things now as if I had symptoms although I had none! Just BOOM one day, you have esophagitis. Today I am at work and I feel terrible, chest pain radiating through to my back and my stiff neck is back (I went for an upper body massage last week and my neck actually had improved after that but not as of today!). So re: having a repeat Endoscopy, why? WHY would I have that done again when the GI doc confirmed again on the phone on Friday that my case was 'mild'? What am I doing wrong or am I missing something here? Can there be something else? Is anyone out there trying to get relief from their esophagitis and what are you doing? PLEASE, I'm looking for someone who has had experience w/this and might have some answers. Are there any other remedies out there? Oh also, has anyone ever heard of a product called Esophaguard? You take 1 every other day for 20 days so today I decided to not take a Nexium and take 1 Esophaguard and tomorrow since I'll be on the off day w/that, I'll take a Nexium (hesitently) Should I be going to my doctor to check for something else? I just don't know!!! And in the meantime, I am a fulltime worker trying not to take too much time from work (but I have lately unfortunately and we are ALL replaceable when it comes to a job so I don't want to be one of those people).
If anyone can help me w/this I would love to hear from you and you could also email me at clumpy0318@comcast.net
Thank you so much to ANYONE who will read this and have some answers and/or suggestions for me to start feeling some relief!

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