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My son needs help and the docs don't want to give it!

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  • February 22, 2008
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:mad: I'm sorry this may be of some length. But i need to start from the begining.
My son is 7 yrs old, and was born in unremarkable health. In 2005 we noticed a very large lump (the size of a golf ball) behind his left ear. He was taken to the after hrs clinic. We went there and i was under the assumption he had a massive ear infection. So when the doc said he wanted to admit him for observation with antibiotics via IV, i was then extremly concerned. The doc had suspected a tumor behind his ear and ordered an ultrasound, which came back negative for any cysts. After 2 days in the hospital he was then released and we were told if anymore symptoms arise come back. 2-3 weeks later the lymph node was swollen again, just not as large and this time was not as painful. No fever or other symptoms accompanied this swollen lymph node. Upon going back for a 3rd visit, again it was "chalked up" to him fighting off an infection...kids are always fighting infections. We were sent away again. My son has never had an ear infection even up to 1 year ago. This swollen lymph node has been going on for 3 years now and no one seems to think it is of any concern except me. Sometimes with the enlargment, he will run a fever of about 101. At times it is painful and others it's not. It is usually always swollen, just not always very large or painful. I am very concerned because in our immediate family we have several cases of cancer...all different types, no two are the same. About a year ago, when it enlarged again with pain and fever it turned out he did have an ear infection this time, but had been the first he has ever had. Since then the lymph node is more and more painful never subsides, and now when he catches the common cold it takes him much longer to get over it than it does my other children. Since 2005 when the first lump appeared, his health has not been the same. Just here lately he seem to be more achy, complains of pain in his groin, back, stomach, and armpit pain. He doesn't seem to have much intrest in playing as much anymore and seems very lethargic. The idea of playing and doing his favorite things and going to his favorite places excite him but he still says he doesn't fell good and wants to lay around. Just this past Tuesday he woke up with a temp of 104 and of course the swollen lymph node. I got a bit agitated in the docs office and for the first time in 3 years someone finally decided to do some blood work, which came back abnormal and elevated, but however he does again have another ear infection and also tested positive for the flu. He was also diagnosed with heart palpatations, and the swelling, well they are calling it mastoiditis. This does't satisfy me as far as a diagnosis goes, everything that i have read up on leads me to believe that the cause of mastoiditis is ear infections that are not properly treated or completly treated. His lymph nodes were swelling long before he ever had his first ear infection. I'm at a loss I don't know what else to do. I'm not wishing anything to be wrong with my son, but lymph nodes don't just swell for no reason, and with the history of cancer in my family (which runs on both mom and dad side) I am worried that something is there that nobody has found and I'm unsure of how else i can push the docs to find the problem. My son is only 7, he should not be complaining of back pain and headaches 5 days out of the week. He should feel like getting up to go play. He has missed so much school because of this. Is there any other diagnosis out there that can be mistaken for mastoiditis and if so how do i get the docs to check him for it? He has suffered with this for too long, i'm afraid that much later and whatever is found, it will be too late to fight. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

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