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Strep B + Incompetent Workers + NEED HELP NOW!

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  • Posted By: ilovemusic
  • February 8, 2008
  • 11:54 PM

Here is a link to my previous post:


On Wednesday 1/30/08 I went to a walk-in clinic and was seen by a Nurse Practitioner, but she did not tell us her title when she introduced herself, which *****s me off (I know they don't have to but I really needed to see a DOCTOR). Anyway, after my above posted symptoms, I started getting sicker. Swollen lymph nodes, very stiff neck, horrible headaches, tiredness, muscle weakness. She tested me for mono and strep. The rapid strep test came back negative, and on Friday, the results for mono also came back negative. But on Sunday, they called again and said that I DID have strep and called in some antibiotics (Penicillin VK 250mg twice a day). I thought that would fix me, BOY WAS I WRONG! On Thursday night, my fever went from normal, to 101 within a matter of minutes. I was chilling horribly, despite the amount of blankets I was using to try to get to sleep. I also got my headache back, and was very weak. This morning I woke up and felt ok, but after attending my school activity today (knowledge not athletic) I could feel my fever spiking again. After the competition was over, one of my teachers let me go home because she knew I looked sick. I get home and my fever is 100.3. My headache was also getting worse again. My mom calls the clinic again, and they told her that I had strep B and they don't treat it there even though they prescribed me antibiotics for it there. So the earliest appointment with my PCP I could get is Monday. I looked up the disease, and found out the antibiotics I am currently taking are resistant against strep group B. I'm very scared because the people that usually contract this disease are elderly, and pregnant women. Most do not have symptoms. I'm very ill and getting weaker by the day. I need some input on what I should do, because this should not happen to a normal healthy person like me.

Some other info:

Swollen lymph nodes
Stiff Neck
Muscle Weakness (getting worse and worse)
Strep B positive
16 years of age and athletic
Lost about 4 pounds in the last couple of weeks or so
4.1 rbc as of 1/25/08

This disease usually shows symptoms in immunocompromised people. Unless I have a condition I do not know about, I don't know why I'm getting symptoms this bad. Please give me your input, I'm very worried considering the death rate of the disease.

I know this is long but PLEASE HELP ME.

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  • Can you call your doctor's office and tell them you have a stiff neck, fever, headache, fatigue, and are getting weaker and weaker by the hour? Are you feeling sleepy or somnolent? If so, please tell them.It seems to me that they should be willing to see you sooner, perhaps even today. This could be a bacterial meningitis, and if so, you really do need to be in the hospital.Part of your post is titled: NEED HELP NOWAnd it does sound like you really need help now, not Monday, if this is meningitis. They need to be making sure it isn't.I am sorry you are not feeling well. I hope you can get help soon.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • February 9, 2008
    • 00:44 AM
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  • As far as the strep B goes ..up to 25% of women have been found to have it (so it's VERY COMMON). It is tested for in pregnancy as can be harmful to baby, (usually dont cause any issues at all for the one carrying it)......so it's usually only treated then just before birth, so baby during birth wont be effected. It is hard to permanently get rid of as it usually comes back. It does only cause trouble in immunocompromised patients etc so may not in your case be the case of your condition. You may just be one of the 25% of people who carry this. As it showed up on an vaginal swab when i was getting checked for STDS.. my doctor when I asked her for it to be treated, did give me the antibiotics thou i aint pregnant (and she checked to make sure it was the correct one), due to me having CFS. As I also had a staph infection as well.. we killed two stones in the one go one could say. Doctor gave me erythromycin to treat the two bacterias.. and it did seem to work on both the different infections i have, my next tests came back negative. (I dont know if I've got the strep B back, I now have what is probably a staph infection in my leg so that's come back yet again. As doctor thought the staph probably wouldnt respond to antibiotic even thou i'd been tested, to make sure the staph infection wasnt resistant to that antiboitic. So I decided to take olive leaf extract as well, which helps to kill bacteria at the same time as taking the antibiotic. So it could of been the olive leaf extract which got rid of the Strep B rather than the antibiotic). If you do have CFS.. it is likely you have bacterial infections in your body of various types, most of us CFSers do... and some of these infections can make us worst . ............. I too was thinking about meningitis on hearing about your stiff neck as I remember a friends daughter one time being rushed to hospital as she had developed that while i was over visiting, (but her meningitis came on very very fast!) Anyway, so I just looked up meningitis to see if that can come on slow and what other symptoms it causes. I dont want to worry you but when I looked it up, I found a relationship between that and STREP B. ."Group B Streptococci. Limulus lysates may be positive in Gram-negative meningitis" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meningitis Did you mention to doctor the other day that you have a stiff neck? If not and this is a sudden development.. I think you maybe should go to the hospital or ring a doctor right away and speak to them about it all.
    taniaaust1 2267 Replies
    • February 9, 2008
    • 02:55 AM
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