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Vision distortion, anxiety, vertigo - causes??

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 9, 2008
  • 06:12 PM

I have had this "swirly" distortion in my side vision (in one eye) for about 4 months now. I've seen it every single day but it comes and goes - it's not constant. When I say "swirly" it's similar to the effect you get if you close your eyes and then press on your eyelid and hold it for a few seconds. It's a swirly, liquid-movement type of distortion. There are no bright lights or "sparks" shooting from that area and it's not floaters.

I've gone to two eye doctors. They told me it's not an ocular migraine, because the distortion is in the same place all the time. I've had a couple episodes of migraines in the past where you get that cracked prism of light in your vision and this isn't like that.

One doctor said it might be that the jelly in my eye is thickening and tugging slightly on my retina, but when both of the doctors checked my eye they said it's completely healthy. I was just told to come back in a month for another checkup in case it is the beginning of a retinal tear. If the problem isn't in my eye...what's causing this? My brain?

The other odd thing that started a few months before the eye thing is chronic anxiety, depression and paranoia for no apparent reason. I'm a 39 year old housewife, my kids are in school, I don't work, I have no issues in my life, nothing at all to be stressed about. No reason for this to be happening.

I feel like my brain is malfunctioning. I wake up in the middle of the night (many nights a week) with my pulse racing - sometimes it's a full panic attack. On three occassions I even thought I heard people say things that they couldn't have possibly said! Can you believe it? I'm hearing things! I know that sounds crazy, but believe me, I'm not imaging these things. Something seems wrong.

The last thing is that I also have very quick moments of being dizzy. It happens so fast I'm not sure if my head actually moves, but I get the sensation of my head jerking and making me dizzy. But it happens so quick and then it's gone. I also have a full feeling in my sinuses. Can allergies make you dizzy? Although I don't have any other allergy symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing, etc.

I'm seeing a psychiatrist for the anxiety and an eye doctor for the visual thing, but should I be going to a primary care doctor too in case these things are related? Or should I just wait it out?

Any suggestions?

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  • Did you ever figure this out? I am 46, with similar symptoms. My vision is more like wavy letters that move up and down and parts of the letters disappearing and reappearing. About 9 months ago I started horrible anxiety and sleep issues. Then two months ago the vision weirdness. I've researched everything and have an MRI next week. I'm scared the test will show nothing just like going to the eye specialist found nothing. Would love to hear your experience since your post.
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    • October 11, 2014
    • 04:14 AM
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