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  • Posted By: annairb
  • November 26, 2007
  • 05:45 AM

ive been reading up on OCD. im sure i have it. lol

the things of done and have always done since i was little (i now 18) are rediculous...yet unecessary.
when i was younger i would do this "thing" where i would hop on one foot kinda..lol and also twitch my nose and eyes ALOT, wich i still do and i hate it. im getting better at controlling it thought.
but now im finding myself constantly counting things...stupid things like.. the number of letters when im reading or...counting how many pins are on a board, or how many screws are on something. i also try to find patterns and i have a thing with numbers...i thought maybe i only liked even numbers but ive found that i dont like the number 15 too much or 14..nor 12...13 is good...16..nope...17...no...18...no. 23 i like...2,3,4,5 i like...any way i'll stop...but im always checking all the clocks in my house to make sure thier all the same time...but the one in my room is 5 minutes fast, and i know how to subtract 5 minutes to figure out the actual time but i have to go downstairs and check my phone and stove and microwave every morning like 5 times and make sure its right. its very time consuming. heh.
i also trace letters alot when im writing and erasing and rewriting words or letters...wich is annoying and im on my senior right now. hah.

well i could go on FOR EVER with stupid things i do... i also have a number of rituals i perform...not even gonna get into that one...HAHAH...but from reading what OCD is all about i guess we do these things to take away images or unwanted thoughts or something? wich makes sense...tomorrow im going to try and catch myself doing one of my stupid things and see what im thinking. hah...

well if u know of any advice..or medical things that can help or counelsing,,,anything.....please let me know...its annoying. lol


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