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DIY Relief for Urinary Tract Infection / Cystitis

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  • Posted By: faye_rae
  • November 15, 2007
  • 11:19 AM

Hi there,
Having spent yesterday enduring the pain build-up of a developing urinary tract infect, ingested pharmacy recommended remedy (Uromil), drank a pint of warm water with apple cider vinegar & honey, and rolled around in agony for a couple of hours with a hot water bottle stuffed between my legs, I was dubious of my boyfriend's suggestion to try an ice-pack on the area instead - his reasoning being - the pain is distinctly hot & burning, so cool it down! However, I tried it, and 10 minutes later, AMAZINGLY sweet relief! Within an hour, I was almost feeling pain free. Do check with your doctor/pharmacist, just in case this advice is misguided, but believe me - it works if you can get past the initial coldness...
Good luck...

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  • some useful, powerful home remedies and reason as to why you may have symptoms without infection...COLLOIDAL SILVER- a natural antibiotic that was in widespread use before penecillin. it does not damage the immune system not does it destroy healthy bacteria, and if you have an infection, take more than the usual dose to help the body fight it off. available online or at health food stores (holland & barratt)JUNIPER BERRIES - these break up uric acid crystals and debris that can accumulate in the bladder. these small but solid parts in the bladder can damage the bladder lining and the urinary tract, so drinking lots of fluid can flush this substance out and further aggravate the area, causing pain & discomfort without an infection, maybe why you're feeling the symptoms still... buy organic juniper berries and crush of cut in half a handful of berries, then simmer in a pot or mug of boiling water for 10 mins then drink (keep tea covered to prevent the oils evaporating). please research the use of juniper berries, some say it should not be used for more than 4 weeks at a time without a break...D-MANNOSE - i'm sure it's been mentioned before, but a natural way to help the body clear out bowel bacteria so a wonderful prevention as well as assisting in treatmentBICARBONATE OF SODA - drink half-full teaspoon in water in morning & at night to alkalanise the body, as uti is symptomatic of an overly acidic body.other things i've found out since my 6 months of infection with 6 doses of antibiotics which have not cured it at all, but shattered my immune system, is that yeast imbalance & over acidic body can cause uti, so cut out sugar, get plenty of pre & probiotic, eat plenty of fruit & veg that alkalanise the body, and have a detox to improve digestion to boost the immune system. lymphatic massage is a great cleanser, gently stroking your skin in an upwards motion towards your heart on the legs and arms, and downwards along the neck & under chin, with slightly more pressure on the lymph node areas (ankle, knee, groin, inside elbows, armpits, neck & under chin).hope this is of help to you all, also recommend REIKI and any other holistic therapy to support the whole body during the stress of uti.... good luck all of you xxxx
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    • October 8, 2008
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