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Neuropathy AND hematuria

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  • Posted By: woodcarver
  • June 23, 2007
  • 05:07 AM

Greetings all!

I'm hoping for some help and guidance here. I've been on a bunch of prescription meds for many years--atenolol (hypertension) HCTZ (diuretic), cumaden (rat poison) for irregular heartbeat. Last October the Dr. added another drug to the pile--Norvasc, to try to decrease blood pressure. (Most drugs have little or none of the desired effect on me). Anyway, by December 2006, my right foot started going numb, tingling. I quit taking the Norvasc. The numbness and tingling spread to my left foot, and then to my hands and arms. I became more serious about taking my vitamins (I had gotten lax about it)--started taking the B-complex, C, E, magnesium maleate (provides 200 mg of elemental Mg). Perhaps the longerm use of the diuretic caused a B12/Magnesium deficiency? Who knows? Bought a blood glucose monitor---I'm borderline diabetic, but can keep within normal range (100 to 115) with diet and exercise. My PCP checked a few "possibles" for the numbness and tingling, but referred me to a neurologist. Saw the neurologist on March 20. He said the side effects of "numbness and tingling" on the meds I was taking...didn't mean anything, was just disclaimers. He said I had peripheral neuropathy, demyelination of the peripheral nerves (conduction speed was 27 m/s instead of the normal 42 m/s). He said it was either from diabetes (which I don't have...yet) or from an (unknown) inherited disease. No one in my family has ever had symptoms of numbness and tingling, so how did I "inherit" this? He gave no hope of reversing the effects or identifying the disease beyond his two guesses. He prescribed gabapentin for the symptoms, and when it wasn't effective, he prescribed Cymbalta, also a drug approved by the FDA for treating the symptoms (not the disease).

Anyway, on May 26 and 27, I had visible blood in my urine--hematuria. Oh joy. The emergency room folk sent me home without a confirmed diagnosis of what caused the hematuria, which had pretty much cleared up by the time I got to the emergency room.

My PCP then referred me to a urologist, who couldn't see me till June 20. I almost didn't go because everything looked fine to me, nothing visible in the urine any more. But it turned out that there is still blood in my urine.

Assuming that anyone is still reading this very long post (sorry)--Wrongdiagnosis.com lists 111 conditions that include "peripheral neuropathy" as part of the package. Does anyone know which conditions might include both peripheral neuropathy AND hematuria???? I'd like to know what's causing the neuropathy/hematuria. I can't figure out how to search on both symptoms.

I think that pernicious anemia is a condition that could include both. Since I'm currently taking lots of B12, the pa could be masked. Can a physician tell by looking at a slide whether a person has pernicious anemia?

Are there other diseases that might have both peripheral neuropathy and hematuria as symptoms? Perhaps the two are not related. But how do I know? the urologist won't see my CT scan urogram till July 2....hurry up and wait....

Please help


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