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Lyme Question?

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  • Posted By: jessyleigh9797
  • June 1, 2007
  • 11:10 PM

So, I've been going through the doctor run around for quite awhile now, and just had a very interesting conversation with my mother today.

Let me start with my medical issues.

Migraines that cause loss of conscienceness (similar to atopic seizure, with no spikes on EEG). These have left me with some weird almost stroke like aftermath issues, (drooping eye, some facial numbness, shaking on the right side, slight weakness on the right side)
Also Chronic Daily Headache (CDH) with a level 5-8 pain daily.
Unexplained arthritis (In knees and wrists) that began around age 24 (I'm almost 28).
General joint aches and pains, backaches and fatigue often.
Microscopic hemmaturria (sp?) in urine since age 10 (explained originally by post strepoccoccal acute glomerolnephrits, however still remains persistant)
Kidney "aches" for about 5years, that doctors insist "You just don't get, that's not normal" I'm here to tell you, I got it!!! So I always get treated for a kidney infection, even if there is no sign of infection. Although a few of those time my creatin level was "off". (I've recently ordered my charts, so soon I'll know what "off means".)

The interesting conversation with my mother was........ "have you ever told any of these doctors that you tested positive for Lyme disease when you were 5?"

I totally forgot about that, I'm sure I knew at some point in my childhood, but I doubt I knew what that meant. When I was 2 we lived in the Ozark mountains and appartantly both her and I had relapsing tick fever. The tested both of us for Lyme, and I tested +. My titers were extremely high, however, being that I didn't show any symtoms, they didn't treat me. So my question is..... does it go away? Are the symtoms I experience now symtoms of lyme? I don't even have a GP, all I have is a Neuro, because I don't have insurance, and he isn't real excited about seeing me to begin with, I think because he can't seem to get these freakin' headaches under control.

I'll try to see if I can get one of the free clinics out here to run the test, but I'm not too hopeful.... what type of doctor do you normally see for this?

Thank you in advance!

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