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Our own nosebleed nightmare

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 29, 2006
  • 05:52 PM

My son is almost 3. Right after his first birthday he started having nosebleeds, ranging from minor to fairly bad. At the advice of our primary care doctor, we took him to an ENT, who rolled his eyes and said kids get nosebleeds all the time and acted like we were nuts. My husband and his brother and sister all got nosebleeds when they were children, some of them quite bad, so it does run in the family. Over time, these nosebleeds have gotten worse. It isn't dry air, because it happens when it's humid and we keep a humidifier in his room. He doesn't pick his nose. We average 2 a week, and they're getting more severe. At age 2 1/2 he had a nosebleed that wouldn't stop. It was spurting out like an artery had been cut and no amount of pressure would stop it. He had clots that were 3 inches long coming out of his nose. We finally got it to stop, then 3 hours later it started up again. The amount we could see coming out of his nose was terrifying, but then he vomited an unbelievable amount of blood. It stopped, so we all went back to bed. The next morning, however, I couldn't wake him up. I've never in my life seen someone so gray. His lips were grayish blue. We went back to the ENT who said we were overreacting, then cauterized his nose. We were in the ER the next day when it began bleeding again and my son was lethargic and still gray. He's since been cauterized a second time, and we've seen 2 more ENTs who have scoped his nose and said it's perfectly normal--no polyps or anything. We've also seen a hematologist who drew 8 vials of blood and did dozens of tests on him as far as clotting factors, and everything's normal. I'm telling you it is NOT normal for a 2 year old to have hemorrages from his nose. It is obviously arterial, as the blood is a bright red and it just pumps out of his nose. He clots almost immediately, but that doesn't help. The clots are 3 inches long and like a slug and they hurt way up in his forehead. I don't know what to do--he nearly died from the hemorrage 6 months ago, and the ONLY person who will take us seriously is our primary care doctor (thank you :)) but he doesn't specialize in this type of thing. The bleeds are from either or both nostrils and are both anterior and posterior. He does NOT pick his nose! Our house is NOT dry! I need some serious help here. His nose will bleed sometimes severely 2-3 times a day or 6-7 days a week. We average 2 bad ones a week. It happens when he's just sitting in the floor playing--doesn't have to be doing anything rowdy. I want my son to be a normal child and not have to worry about him having a hemorrage at night and not waking up. It may be extremely rare, but you can DIE from these! I don't want my little boy to be one of these statistics.

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