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Constant Gas-Belching

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  • Posted By: Chrisg3k
  • April 29, 2007
  • 10:39 PM

Hello, Ι am a 28 Year old male and I have the following problem.

The past 8-9 months I have the feeling of 'Fullness' in the upper part of the stomach.
Despite that my appetite is completely normal.
I just have reduced portions to reduce the effect of 'Fullness' that I feel.

I dont feel like throwing up, but I am constantly burping...constantly I mean all day. Sometimes if I just press my stomach I burp. Though I do feel a relief when burping, the sense of discomfort immediately comes back.

Sometimes if I have eaten to much I have feelings of nausea and bloating...but thats when I really eat a LOT.

The frequency that I visit the toilet is quite rare....1-2 times a week, although I usually dont feel like I have to go. I mean when I get the feeling, I have no problems...its just on rare frequency.

As for my lifestyle/diet. Well its not the best.
For the past 5 years I usually eat junk food, lots of meat and pasta, quite a lot of alcohol. Large amounts of Coca-cola also. I also had the habbit of drinking coffee every morning, even with an empty stomach.

Lately I have got a habbit of eating a lot of spicy foods and before I felt like this I really ate in large quantities even at late hours. Rarely I ate fruit and vegetables. No smoking/drugs at all though

Well the last month I have cut down the size and frequency of my meals. No junk food, no alcohol, no coke....the symptoms have lightened...but nothing really special.

Also my weight is relatively normal for my height 80kg's (176 pounds)

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4 Replies:

  • Hi.I have this problem. Been told several times that it is aerophagia. have you been to a gastro doc yet? If so what did he/she say?
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  • Hi, I am 24- female and have had alot of the same problems. I have been diagnosed by doctors with acid reflux and then IBS. They just kept giving me prescriptions to cover symptoms and I never seemed to get better-or go back to how I was before. I started doing my own research and found 2 websites that will be very helpful to you. First, I tried the Colonix cleanse found on drnatura.com. It cleanses your digestive system of toxins and parasites and old waste matter. As rarely as you go to the rest room (which is how I was), your colon is definitely backed up causing this constant feeling of fullness. I would recommend doing the cleanse and after completing it choosing a better diet and staying on the drnatura stomach fiber or the Acacia fiber found on helpforibs.com. That is what I use and it has made a world of difference. You have to be patient from the beginning b/c you have to start on a low dose of fiber until your body adjusts and you can add until the point that you are feeling better and going daily. Used to, no matter what i ate or didnt eat I felt miserable. I would use the restroom maybe once a week if that. Had bloating and constant indigestion. I felt so full I couldnt eat anything even though it was the evening and i hadnt eaten since breakfast. I had gas and belched constantly... absolutely miserable. Now, I take the Acacia fiber daily and feel wonderful. I honestly dont know where I would be if I hadnt done these things. This all started when I was 21 and now I am 24 and have just gotten things straight in the past year. Everything I mentioned was all natural with no side effects to deal with. It has given me my life back... I would recommend it to anyone with these problems. when your health gets bad it can be really frustrating and feel like you will never feel better again. But, Life can be better again- i promise.
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  • hello, i found this forum because i have major gas discomfort and have all my life. except for the morning, i am ALWAYS bloated. when i'm hungry i'm really bloated and then if i eat i feel like my lower abdomen will explode! this is how i know it is gas or something in my intestines because it is not my actual stomach. i eat a well balanced diet and the only dairy i regularly eat is maybe 2 yogurts a day..no milk or other dairy. i eat lots of veggies fruits and rarely meats. i hear veggies and fruit can make you bloated but i still do not think this is normal, i'm SO uncomfortable all the time (and plus we HAVE to heat fruits and veggies!) it even starts causing me lower back pain. does anyone else have this problem? thanks a lot!
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  • I got the same problem except i do from time to time do press on my top back and then I burp also sometimes i put a ball on the floor and try to scroll my body back over it so that i burp and i do feel comfortable for sometime .Is this problem with the diaphragm or what any body hot any idea ,please let me know .Hussain.nazr@gmail.com
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