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anxiety and smoking

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  • Posted By: kicker
  • April 21, 2007
  • 02:59 PM

I just want to throw a query out there for some research on anxiety: How many of you with anxiety or panic symptoms are smokers?

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  • I'm a smoker with anxiety.
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  • Well I am nott a smoker anymore , but I promise smoking, caffeine, and even sugar has an affect on anxiety. Need to eat and live welll to help anxiety
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  • hi Kicker,I gave up smoking a couple of years ago after smoking for 25 years. Let me tell you it makes anxiety worse, as does caffeine, and even sugar. First step to helping anxiety is eating well and living well!Cheers,Craig:)
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  • I smoked for 12 years or so and for the last 4 of those I was up to a 4 pack a day habit (Marlboro Menthol 100's)I have some sort of anxiety problems etc and I'm still not happy with the explainations I've been given which is why I'm here researching...Long story short... I've been taking 30 mg Lexapro, 18 mg Strattera and 200 mg Provigil for the past several years with *tolerable* results. But I mismanaged my money almost a month ago so I've been off Lexapro since then.I started having extreme anxiety (had to drop hubby off at airport 3 hours away, drive home then BACK to get him when flight canceled due to weather) and my first inclination was to reach for a smoke.I did the next "best" thing and bought a box of 7mg nicotine patches... didn't notice anything at one so I applied a second one after an hour and I seemed to settle a smidge.But I also inflicted some low grade pain in hopes of more quickly releasing some endorphines...Did it *really* help? I got to the airport and back and watched a movie with my hubby (at home in bed) before I finally threw up... so I think it had to have worked some.
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  • it makes me anxious every time i see someone smoking.does this count?i also feel anger and hatred for a drug which impoverished and finally killed my parents,and which has left me with c.o.p.d.(which in turn will probably kill me )due to living my formative years in smoke instead of air.it cost me my teeth,because of having to suck cough sweets all day in school,in order to spare my teachers and classmates having to listen to my continual cough. finally it has cost me any semblance of a social life due to the dominance of a minority in pubs and restaurants,places thus denied me until last week(when it was banned in public enclosed spaces in england.)also,i have to face the fact that it effectively destroyed my relationship with my parents.at the very moments they felt some relaxation and relief(on lighting a new cigarrette,)i was at my most tense and fearful.----(note to psychologists---if your mood state is the diametrical opposite of that of another,you will ultimately end up ceasing to love them.--or worse.there is no need to do the experiment,take it from me.)add to this the fact that all my friends who were smokers are now dead fom smoking related diseases,and i think ican confidently set before you the real relationship between smoking and anxiety, and a lot of other feelings i would prefer not to be having as well as real world consequences i would give anything to reverse.the fact is that smoking is a vicious,selfish andmurderous activity,which should be a source of shame to anyone who puts tobacco in his mouth,or who trades in it in any way.the fact that it may mitigate the perpetrators anxiety is no defence,and only adds insult to injury.
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  • I just want to throw a query out there for some research on anxiety: How many of you with anxiety or panic symptoms are smokers?Women smokersBy now, we are all aware that smoking is bad for you. Yet more and more women are taking up the habit, in part due to the media image presented of gorgeous women smoking cigarettes and presenting a glamourous image. What kind of effects does this have on women's health, and what can we do about it?Women and SmokingIn the early twentieth century, few women smoked cigarettes. Over the years, it became more acceptable for women to smoke and many developed the habit. Today, it is estimated that nearly 20% of women in the United States alone are smokers. While fewer women smoke than men, the gap has dwindled sharply, and women are just as much at risk for smoking related diseases.
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  • I just want to throw a query out there for some research on anxiety: How many of you with anxiety or panic symptoms are smokers?I am a smoker
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  • I am a smokerI was diagnosed with anxiety i quit smoking and started some medication it helped for 3 months. THen i started smoking again and the symptoms of anxiety came back and is starting to worry me again. Well Im gonna try to quit smoking again and see if that helps. Anxiety sucks.
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  • I was diagnosed with anxiety during university and experienced bouts of it after graduating. The whole time I was smoking. I've now quit smoking (almost 3 months now!) and have felt much more relaxed since. Although many people smoke to calm themselves down, it shouldn't be forgotten that it is a stimulant.
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  • I've stuggled with anxiety since I was about 8 years old, I still remember when I experienced an anxiety attack for the first time like it was yesterday, I never in my entire life felt something more terrifying I thought I was surely going to die unless I got home to my mom as quickly as possible. I have seperation anxiety. After my mother and father arrgued frequently and after my father critisized me endlessly, and just recently have become homebound from anxiety. I hate leaving the house everytime I do it feel's like i'm on a rollcoaster ride on the first drop...that belly ride is what it feels like everytime i'm away from the house then the anxiety begins to set in, and I took up smoking when I was 12..I always encouraged my Dad to stop when I was a child and now I am ashamed of myself for taking up the habbit considering he has quit. My sister is a smoker, and I got into it after she did and after I began binge drinking to relax and enjoy myself somewhat. I only trust being with my sister or my mother, I can't be alone at my house I never have been able to be completely alone..I was able to, for a short while not too long ago but now i'm terrified, and i'm always scared of medications and the suicidal side effects some anxiety/anti depression medication may have on me.. i'm not depressed, i'm just anxious.. i'm a very happy person, well i used to be before i became house bound but I refuse to take anxiety medications. I need natural, organic suggestions to help ease my anxiety levels if anybody has any tips. I find also that when I leave the house, I can't smoke.. Or else I feel the need to rush to the bathroom and it increases my anxiety drastically which is strange because i used to be able to smoke everywhere and anywhere I pleased. I need help : ( I'm going to see my doctor about this, soon and i'm hoping for the result to be helpful or maybe i'll be able to take a antibiotic for a stomach problem? I'm not sure, I think I might have an ulcer as well.
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  • I have extreme anxiety and i am a smoker. I also drink caffeine daily...I took up smoking to get rid of another bad habit (everytime I wanted to do this other habit, i smoked instead). I thought this would be better, but it has literally taken over my life....my friends and family dont agree with it and always comment on it, which causes me more stress and anxiety causing me to smoke more and try and hide it...I'm trying to quit (AGAIN) and today was my first day and i already smoked which is making me anxious. I have medication perscribed to me for anxiety but i feel if i take better care of myself, i will have less anxiety, so i dont take it....I have also notcied that drinking alcohol causes extreme anxiety for me the next day....hope this answers your question...
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  • Hello all,I have been a smoker for 25 years. Quit last year, started again. This time I wanna quit for good. I had my first panic attack 3 years ago and I have been on Zoloft for the past year. Smoking actually creates anxiety for me. I am sorry how you all feel, but I am glad to see that I am not the only one with the anxiety problem.
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