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There is no stress at home - ack!

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  • April 12, 2007
  • 10:06 PM

Just came from primary, who after being given this list asked if i was under any stress at home ...sigh. All of these symptoms could be caused by endometriosis. Gyn will not perform lap until everything else is ruled out. Am I being overly optimistic in believing this is endo, or does it sound like something else (I guess cancer most frightens me)? Thanks

46 yo female, 125 lbs, 5'5

Suspected adenomyosis, tipped uterus (vaginal ultrasound 10/06)
Left knee hyper-reflexive compared to right
Negative pap and negative endometrial biopsy, ovaries fine per ultrasound 10/06
Scheduled colonoscopy 6/07
Scheduled lumbosacral MRI w & w/o contrast 4/27

Back Symptoms last 6 months worse around period - altho becoming constant
Low back pain/pressure not relieved by resting - worse at night
Tailbone pain
Weakness in left leg when coming off of stair - sometimes just walking
Sensory issues sometimes - both legs (“vibrates” when touched)
Radiating pain to inner left thigh
RLS (present off and on for many years)
---- Gynecologist says above may not be gynecological and wants me to rule out other causes

Gynecological symptoms last 6 - 12 months (onset when going off of seasonale)
Burning uterus pain starting up to 10 days before period (requires heating pad and am in bed for at least 2 full days unable to function)
Large clots at period
Migraines at period and ovulation
Scant blood after sex (btw, 1st symptom which began 16 months ago)

Bowel symptoms last 4 - 6 months

Blood-tinged mucous on outside of stool - comes and goes - most recently blood along with diarrhea 2 nights ago
Bloating, gas and constipation relieved by cutting out wheat 3 months ago
Stool generally small pellets passed at least twice a day

Appetite and weight
Loss of appetite
Weight down 10-15 pounds (lost 10 pounds during a single period)

Extremely severe around period - in spite of taking ambien was still up 36 hours straight

Cystitis around my period

Difficulty in accomplishing everyday tasks such as showering, emptying and loading dishwasher, doing laundry

- Problems are becoming more severe and spreading with each period despite supplementing with natural progesterone. I will not take any synthetics due to the onset of symptoms after bcps and history of breast and ovarian cancer in family. Btw, paternal aunt had severe case of endometriosis prior to breast cancer diagnosis.

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