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It would appear I'm not immortal anymore.

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  • Posted By: sad_and_confused
  • March 22, 2007
  • 04:26 PM

So much for the 'I'm going to live forever' axiom that's been a part of my psyche for the last 37 years!

I've read a lot of threads on this very subject already and I can see I'm not alone in my symptoms, albeit mine don't appear as progressed as others. All the same, it does nothing to stop the high anxiety I'm feeling right now.

I (am/was) a healthy 37-year-old British male who exercises regularly, is not under a tremendous amount of stress and although I should eat healthier, I'm close to my ideal weight.

For quite a few months now, I've been ignoring a very slight 'tingling' sensation in my back, just below my left shoulder blade. It happened most often when I was sat down at my computer at home, normally in a slouched position. At the time I put it down to the usual aches and pains resulting from the sports I do (karate, swimming and regular use of weights at the gym). Afterall, I've had back pain before although never tingling sensations (those previous pains were more muscle related I think).

Lately, however, the tingling in my back has occurred far more regularly and I can feel it there, constantly, over the last few weeks. Some moments are sharper than others, other times it appears to disappear.

I suppose I would have continued to put it down to regular exercise blues and (advancing?) age, except for the fact I have now recently acquired a secondary symptom in the last few weeks.

The tip of my middle toe on my right foot has a distinct loss of sensation, a feeling of 'numbness' I suppose you could say. Coupled with that, I now appear to get pins and needles more frequently, albeit this is at night where it's possible I could be lying awkwardly (although I notice this more). These pins and needles have only started happening in the last couple of days.

I'm feeling extremely anxious. I've never had any health problems before and suddenly this leaps out of nowhere. I currently don't have any income protection or critical illness cover and I fear if I have some incurable disease, I'll be pretty much living on the streets for the rest of my life!

The prognosis descriptions for the symptoms I'm feeling on this website scare the life out of me, especially the MS one. Could it be I have multiple sclerosis?

I've poured over this website and other medical resources in an effort to diagnose and/or rule out various diseases and conditions.

The only other possibility, besides MS, could be periphery diabetes (I've always had the most shocking sweet tooth and how my body copes with the amount of sugar intake I have, I'll never know). I'm half ruling that out though, because I don't make frequent trips to the bathroom.

A question to the medical professionals: Is it possible to rule out MS because the tingling is brought on most by sitting in a certain position (as to indicate a trapped nerve) rather than appearing randomly? Is the back and my middle toe connected somehow?

The other question I have is, do I run the risk of being permanently damaged by delaying my reporting of this to my GP/treatment. I thought MS was incurable, so any treatment is merely designed to reduce discomfort?

I would appreciate any response.

Kind regards,


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  • Hi I was diagnosed with MS in October with my last exasterbation in August. I just wanted to let you know that from what I've learned the medicine is to prevent another "attack" or lesion. The medicine I'm on is Betaseron and I take a shot every other day. They do also have medication to lessen symptoms.I was also told that there was a chance my brain could "repair" itself so although there is no cure, there can be some recovery. Going through menopause(I'm 40) may also decrease my odds of having an exasterbation.I just wanted to let you know that a diagnosis of MS, while disturbing, isn't a death sentence or the end of everything. Keep hoping and searching for your answers. Good luck to you.
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  • One thing I would suggest you look into is possible nutritional deficiencies...these are quite common and can cause some of your symptoms. Check out the descriptions on this website and see which ones fit, then try a GOOD quality supplement and see if your symptoms improve ( I would give this a few weeks at least ) Here is the site: http://1stholistic.com/Nutrition/hol_nutr-def-symptoms.htm Do you have any vision problems? Any headaches? Any dizziness or light headedness? Any muscle WEAKNESS? Not everyone with MS has these symptoms, but some do. Since you mentioned your diet, I would really look into vitamin/mineral deficiencies as they could at the very least be contributing to your problems. Also make sure you drink lots of pure water and decrease caffeine and sugar (these may make anxiety symptoms worse). Of course, if you continue to feel worse with dietary changes and adding supplements, you should get checked by a medical specialist. Best wishesDOM
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