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Help with anxiety/depression

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  • March 2, 2007
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I am battling general anxiety which causes my depression. Lately I am having a hard time concentrating on anything because I am so preoccupied with the fact that I have something medically horrific going on with me. I have constant chest pain, sore throat, gastric difficulties, sharp shooting pains all over, numb hands and feet, tingling hands and feet, pain in the back of my head, I could go on and on. Because of my long list of medical ailments, all doctors have quit giving me tests and tell me it is all in my head. Well I physically hurt and ail. While I was taking klonopin and elavil together I was a normal person. I have tried to go drug free and I am struggling. My line of work is child care so I need to be mentally sharp. I also have a 3 month old baby so I would have a hard time taking all these sedating drugs. Any suggestions what to do? I have tried all kinds of mental health therapy and I could go everyday for hours on end and it doesn't help my situation one iota. Lastly, because of my downward spiral I feel myself becoming agoraphobic again. I just can't go down that road again.

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  • I have constant chest pain, sore throat, gastric difficulties, sharp shooting pains all over, numb hands and feet, tingling hands and feet, pain in the back of my head, I could go on and on.Does this sound familiar? "You hurt all over, and you frequently feel exhausted. Even after numerous tests, your doctor can't find anything specifically wrong with you. If this sounds familiar, you may have fibromyalgia."http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/fibromyalgia/DS00079/DSECTION=2Don't worry, there is hope:"In the study researchers reviewed the medical charts of 17 fibromyalgia patients who agreed to eliminate items such as corn, wheat, dairy, citrus, soy and nuts from their diets for at least two weeks. After the elimination of the foods, nearly half of the patients reported a significant reduction of pain, and 76% reported a reduction in other symptoms such as bloating, heartburn, headache, fatigue, and breathing difficulties."http://www.celiac.com/st_prod.html?p_prodid=120&p_catid=90&sid=91hH9H1js2xz3fD-14107304956.35The two who experienced increased symptoms on the elimination diet should be highly suspect of allergy addiction. Foods that are improperly digested and cause an allergic reaction may also contain enough opioids to create a chemical/psychological dependency. In this case, more time on the elimination diet would be necessary.
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  • I agree with Azaral and find that the best way to help with an elimination diet is to have a food list to shop from. Visit www.wholeapproach.com and look for their food list - you can print copies of this and use it as a guide. It is the best list I've found to help with candida, celiac and other food intolerance issues. This website also gives you lots of info on candida overload - check and see if this fits your symptoms. If Western docs aren't helping, why not try an alternative approach. A good naturopath or acupuncturist will look at ALL your symptoms and will find a diagnosis to help get you back in balance. They will also be able to suggest herbal remedies to help you stay focused and more emotionally balanced. I understand you don't want to take the Western drugs, and an herbal approach may really help you. Best wishes.DOM
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  • Please do not listen to anything Shula or Acuann tell you. My sister just passed away because Shula and Acuann told her that her doctor was wrong and she did not have a serious condition. Acuann even told her to get acupuncture to get healed. These people are going to be investigated for practicing medicine without a license. Shula and Acuann are specifically wanted in connection with my sisters homocide. Thats right homocide. If she would have listened to her doctor instead of these internet quacks she would still be here today. Rest assured I will do everything in my power to put these two behind bars and shut this website down for good.
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  • Hi Shula here, your sister was a baaadddd girl!
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  • Acuann here.. try acupuncture or botox. acupuncture will fix anything. the few things it doesn't fix are taken care of with botox.DOM
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  • Glad you lost her.. if you would have gotten her acupuncture sooner you wouldn't be crying the blues now.ShulaM.D. F.A.C.S
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  • I have a thread, 'slept my 30's away'. I had been diagnosed with sleeping disorders, autoimmune diseases, everything it seemed. I was suffering from a Panic disorder without even knowing I was in a state of panic! I had been working through ten years of one trauma after the next (life in general) and it is my nature to fight my way through. My body finally quit and at 42 I lost everything. I can't even imagine having children and feeling this way! I went to a neurologist and he started me on clonopin(not easy to take at first). I also have a family history of anxiety/panic issues, yes it can definitely lead to depression too. Read panic411.org on line. great article. You can't tough it out if your brain chemistry is malfunctioning. This is a physical/chemical and complicated problem. If you feel your doctor is giving up (been there too), find a new one! Neurologist, psychiatrist(has a vast knowledge of brain chemicals, pharmacuticals, diseases, infections and how they all work in the brain and can effect your body). I was on antidepressants for eight years. My condition only got worse because the meds were treating the symptoms without finding the cause of my excessive uncontrollable sleep. my email is: l.mills2007@gmail.com I'll try to help you any way I can. I know it is scary(panic/anxiety obvious here) to feel the way you feel especially when other people need you and you want to be there for them too! Hang in there
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  • I have had problems with anxiety/depression since I was 12 years old.It has accelerated over the last 20 years probably because of stress.I was on Paxil for 10 years but just in the last 2 years have had aches and pains(when not taking Paxil for about a week,I would physically hurt all over and feel twisted in knotts).I went to my primary care dr and told him that I think I have suffered from depression all these years and he has treated me for with anxiety drug(Paxil).He prescribed Cymbalta and my life has improved 100%!!!My two older sisters and younger brother and my mom all suffer from this to different degrees.I have never gone to counseling but one of my sisters has gone to counseling for years and it did not help her!!!!I have been through the phobias,panic attacks and anxiety attacks.I really believe the root cause is depression.It is a physical malady and a disease just like other diseases.Cymbalta and my faith in God have made my life liveable.Good luck to you!!
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  • I can't really offer you any real help; however, I can let you know you aren't the only one. I've experienced everything you've just described, plus more. I also had a one sided sore throat for over 5 months, which I finally just got rid of. I think my sore throat ended up being acid reflux, because I got special acid reflux pills from my doc and some pepto and I've been getting better, the sore throat is almost completely gone. I'm still horribly depressed, which is why I'm clearly still on the net searching for answers. I've been told by some doc that I have fibromyalgia and reactive arthritis by others, but I don't believe it could be fibro.
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    • November 8, 2008
    • 04:30 AM
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  • I have always been averse to taking drugs too and I sympathise with you, more so as you work with children. I want to suggest that you try ondamed. It is an energy balancing device that worked wonders for my close friend. I have used her device too on and off (I don't have one because I can't afford it at the moment) and I never fail to get a refreshing feeling each time. Most of the patients who use the device appear to be those who orthodox medicine have completely written off as unhelpable. You may just want to try it. They have a site at www.ondamed.co.uk. I wish you every help.
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    • December 12, 2008
    • 04:21 PM
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  • If klonopin worked,why not take it?Elavil is really sedating,so I'd try a different antidepressant,many of which aren't sedating.I'm on nortriptyline,150mg daily,and it's really helped me.It's a tricyclic like Elavil but is much less sedating.You might do well on one of the S.S.R.I.'s(Prozac,Paxil,Zoloft,etc.).At least do somrthing rather than staying mired in your current situation.
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    • December 29, 2008
    • 02:15 PM
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  • [I have been struggling with the exact same symptoms and I finally started taking Xanax the lowest dose at bedtime and it seems to help the physical symptoms as well as the negative thoughts replaying in my head and thinking I am dying of some kind of disease based on all of my symptoms. It is hard to find something that you can have a clear mind with though. My doctor is trying me on another med to see if it helps. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find relief along with everyone else having problems!Lisa
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    • December 4, 2009
    • 01:41 AM
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