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Internal 'buzz/vibration' in chest, nervous system freeze!!

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  • Posted By: styggy
  • April 15, 2011
  • 09:02 AM

I need help!
The symptoms I have are as follows;
I have GERD, which, when it flares up,*seems to be causing heart palpitations, which I understand is not uncommon.* However, recently I have been getting what I can only describe as a buzz type vibration in my chest.* This is sometimes localized and sometimes it feels as though it's throughout my whole body.* I've assumed that this is some sort of*nervous system issue.* It feels like a small mobile phone on set to vibrate has been put in my chest, or sometimes over my whole body.
What really worries me is that while the buzz type vibration can go on for a few hours, during that time there are very short periods (like 1/2 second) when it stops completely.* It honestly feels like my whole nervous system shuts down momentarily!* Because it's so quick I can't tell if I'm numb or paralysed whilst in this 'freeze' state but then the buzz/vibration starts again and my heart will pound for a minute or so and then go back to normal (with palpitations).* It may be that there is a muscle (possibly the heart) that is in a very fast spasm and that the 'freeze' sensation is when it momentarily stops spasming.* Could that be right?* This happens more after*drinking alcohol and usually at night..
I'm male, 41,*overweight*but quiet active (I walk and cycle*a lot and have two small children who keep me on my toes).* I was treated several years ago for Atrial Fibulation but it was a one off.* I*probably*drink a bit too much caffeine, not enough water and*eat an OK diet.* I take Omega3 and multivitamin*supplements.* I'm*stressed at home and work but not overly (except for this!).**I am due to have a 24hr Ambulatory ECG next week after discussing this with a GP, but he is*stumped as to what the momentary 'freeze' sensation is..**I also have pulsitory tinnitus in my left ear,*for which I have had CT scans, Doppler scans etc, but*the Drs cannot find any cause.*
Is there a way to monitor the nervous system over a period of time, like the 24hr ECG?* Please help!* I have this vision of me just dropping dead 'cos my nervous system is switching off randomly!

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  • On reading your post even before I got to the overweight part.. I was thinking "insulin resistance". My specialist calls the problem of insulin resistance "pandora's box" as it can cause so many different issues... GERD and bloating is one of the most common issues it causes. It can also cause palpitations. I just looked at his site and see he's got on it that it can also cause tinnitus. I got rid of my GERD completely (which I'd been on drugs for) once it was discovered I had insulin resistance and got put on a very very low carb diet. (I dont even eat carrots as even they have carbs!! no root veg, have to restrict dairy due to lactose, only have one small piece of fruit per day due to the fructose.. no cereal and only have a peice of bread per day.. i have to eat meat and veg or salad every meal). My carb level is kept down to the Aktins diet level or otherwise my insulin goes up too high (hyperinsulinemia). Simple and complex carbs with this issue need to be reduced. Insulin resistance is the precurser to diabetes... and being overweight makes it worst. To rule out this issue (and that you are heading towards diabetes) .. you need to have a 2 hr glucose tollerance test in which also your INSULIN levels are also noted. This test is done after fasting.
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  • I'm having the same buzzing type of sensation in my chest, only I don't have palpitations, don't have GERD (I think). Could insulin resistance by itself cause the buzzing?
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