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undiagnosed! headaches, vertigo, speech problems

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  • Posted By: westjn85
  • March 27, 2011
  • 02:04 AM

I am hopelessly looking for an answer. I am 26 years old with 2 children. I have been experiencing multiplying symptoms for 10+ years. At 12 years old, I started getting daily headaches and even migraines. Along with this is diarrhea. These continue to this day. About 6-7 years ago, I started experiencing confusion with the migraines, speaking words that make no sense. It is truly scary! My newest symptom is vertigo. I have had 3 bouts of it in the past year. In between these episodes, I am having extreme dizziness to the point of nearly fainting. I do have multiple other symptoms including occasional numbess in extremities, visual disturbances, speech problems, confusion, and other odd complaints. The headaches are debilitating and I feel like no one understands. I have had an abnormal MRI showing small spots on many areas of my brain as well as an abnormal ENG signifying that my vertigo is a "central" problem and not an inner ear problem. M.S, seizures, low blood pressure, chronic daily headache syndrome, and IBD are some of the diseases that have been tossed around between the specialists I have been seeing. No one can seem to give me an answer and I don't want to keep "trying" new medications only for them to fail. Any suggestions would be great. This is all very depressing and terrifying. Please help!!!

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  • If you've had an abnormal MRI they should have some idea what those spots are. Sounds like you have maybe had some TIA's or "mini strokes" although that would be unusual at your age. I'd take your MRI and find somebody else to look at it for a second opinion.
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  • I was told by my headache specialist as well as a neurologist that these spots are from chronic headaches and migraines. They both said that it is not unusual for them to develop that way. I am worried particularly about M.S. however, the neurologist seems to be looking more towards partial complex seizures. The unfortunate part is that I simply cannot afford a 3 day EEG nor can I afford another MRI at this time.(although I do have good insurance) As I write this, I feel as though I am rocking on a boat because of the vertigo. I appreciate your response and will certainly ask the neuro about the possibility of stroke. At this point, I am open to anything!
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  • I was a healthy 36 yr old when a woman ran a red light and hit my chevy conversion van and rolled it 3 times. Ever since I've had headaches problems with my speech and balance eye pain with visual (focus) problems and facial pain from a damaged facial nerve and pains in my head. My jaw went out of place from my head being banged around during the van rolls and to this day 14 years later my bite is still off. I go for a while with no problems and then out of the blue if I get tired or drive or ride in a car I have equilibrium problems and it affects my speech too. I never got any help from medical Doctors they said after countless MRIs that I had post concussive syndrome. The problems you are having could have to do with your bite which can be thrown off while brushing your teeth having a head injury fall etc. or even a dental procedure. My dentist is the one who diagnosed me and then later my physical therapistshowed me something in a book with all the problems i was having it had to do with a muscle the sternocleidomastoid i think in my neck and my jaw so I was having double symptoms from both . I have TMJ problems and something in my ear was also damaged which causes my muffled hearing in one ear and some balance problems. Before the accident my only problem was being a few pounds overweight (10lbs from what I weighed after highschool and that was after having 4 kids). I was so frustrated because if I took any of the pills they b prescribed that helped I couldn't function. The best help was from my dentist who made me a mouth piece which I can't wear all the time because I can't swallow very good with it but I've had some problems with swallowing since the wreck too. I was off work for 2 years because of the equilibruim problems. Not long after the wreck my husband and I were coaching our daughter and 19 other girls in boys and girls club basketball and one of the girls had a pretty hard fall on the floor with her head. Her mom was telling my the symptoms she was having and I told her they wer some of the same symptoms I had and they took her for an MRI and her corrotid artery was clogged and she was only 9 years old. It was from the head injury. I hope you can find out what is causing your problems because I know how it feels. Some days my neck and head hurt so much it makes me feel sick to my stomach. And I guess if you're not cut up or broken up most doctors don't think anything is wrong with you. Good Luck Vicki
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  • If you've had an abnormal MRI they should have some idea what those spots are. Not necessarily. I know spots can appear in CFS/ME on MRI's to which they usually dont know these spots are a common finding in it. Ask 99.9% of doctors what the MRI abnormalities in CFS/ME are and they wont know thou these arent an uncommon finding in that disease. http://sacfs.asn.au/download/consensus_overview_me_cfs.pdf (CFS/ME overview doc for medical practioners, which is an offical document based on consensus of CFS/ME experts.. this is the canadan one which quite a few other countries also follow). Page 5 under heading "Neurological and Cognitive Manifestations" states following based on various studies "MRI studies reveal elevatednumbers of irreversible punctuate lesionsconsistent with demyelination or edema, predominantly in the frontal lobes27 andsubcortical areas28." ..... Im not 100% sure if Im right or not but I think I remember it being said that these lesions look like bright spots on their MRIs. If im remembering correctly the spots are in CFS/ME smaller and more numerous then the ones in MS......... Some studies on MRI abnormality in this is .. Lange G, Wang S, DeLuca J, Natelson BH. Neuroimaging in chronic fatigue syndrome. Am J Med 105(3A):50S-53S,1998. Buchwald D, Cheney PR, Peterson DL, et al. A chronic illness characterized by fatigue, neurologic and immunologicdisorders, and active human herpes virus type 6 infection. Ann Intern Med 116(2):103-113, 1992.
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  • westjn.. can you list ALL your symptoms? Im wondering if you have more then you have right now. Do you also get symptoms when you dont have headaches?? eg symptoms arent just being caused by the headache.Do you get worst with doing a lot more? If so.. check out the link i put there for Miknan to vertify what i was saying about MRI which may be like yours. CFS/ME patients.. up to 95% get headaches...50% have daily headaches. (possible you have a mild case of CFS/ME which is a slow onset case.. capable of developing more and worsening with time)
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