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Herpes?! Lesion on labia right after being sick with strep throat?!

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  • Posted By: lee943
  • March 17, 2011
  • 07:12 PM

I am really worried about my situation. I get my test results on Monday but I am scared and it's only Thursday so I wanted to see if there was anyone in similar situations on here.

Monday night I couldn't sleep all night because I was coming down with a fever and by the morning my whole body ached and I had a sore throat and very high fever. The next day I went to the doctor and they diagnosed me for strep throat. A bit earlier that day I noticed a little bit of pain when I walked in my vaginal area but I didn't think anything of it because it felt like an ingrown hair or something. Later I checked and there was a nasty looking infection/lesion on my labia pretty close to my vaginal opening. It was brownish white and red and not a circle at all, it was more like a mass about the size of a finger nail that just looked really weird. Throughout the night it started to hurt worse and my labia on that side swelled up. By that night my fever had gone away but my throat still hurt, but I could tell the strep medicine was working. I went into the doctor the next morning to get it checked and they tested for herpes and a yeast infection but didn't give me much advising on what it was. I get my test results after the weekend so here are my circumstances.

I've only had one sexual partner my whole life and we were both virgins (both ways, orally as well) before we got together. The only access I would have to herpes is through my mom because she gets cold sores sometimes. I don't think I've ever had a cold sore, if I did it was when I was a kid and I DEFINITELY haven't had a breakout since I've met this guy. I've been super careful about them and am scared of getting one. He hasn't had one either. The only thing I can think of that would resemble herpies is that his butt was irritating him about a month and a half ago but again, how would he have gotten that? That all seems really unlikely along with the fact that I got the infection right after I was really sick with a fever and susceptible to infection.

ALSO there's a possibility I had cut myself shaving in that spot a few days before, and laying in bed sweating trying to get rid of a fever for 3 days sets up a good site for an infection because its moist. I've heard of other people having lesions during strep which is why this all makes sense to me.

The sore doesn't really look like herpies to me, by the time I saw it probably a few hours after it had started developing it was already huge and it doesn't hurt when I pee on it which I heard herpes does. The doctor said it looked really big also. I also thought with herpes you got other symptoms other than just a lesion (that is the reason for the soreness in my vagina). I don't know how me and my boyfriend would have gotten it and it seems to me like it is just a nasty infection?

What does everything think? Has anyone had a similar scenario? Sorry for the long message but I am a worry-er!

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  • You need to look into Hidradenitis Suppurativa.....I had the exact same thing back in nov / dec and was worried and embarrassed about going to the doctor. Thank GOD I have an excellent GYN dr because he knew what it was before he even looked at it. He said I could take some antibiotics (which I did), but more than likely it would not 'cure' it. He said the only real way to cure it is the surgically remove it. I was worried abouot this, but he gave me assurance that it would not come back if we surgically removed it (in that spot anyway). I did have the surgery (I was in and out in about 2 hours). The pictures on the internet of Hidradentis Suppurativa are pretty graphic, so just be aware if you google it. There is a 'stigma' related to hidradentis suppurativa, that it is some type of STD....It is NOT! Anyway, this is just a suggestion, as I am not a doctor, just telling you of my experience.
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