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Lyme Disease?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 3, 2007
  • 09:49 PM

I started having hand/finger pain three weeks ago (started very abrupbtly). Since I know I have carpal tunnel, I went to my hand surgeon first. He took xrays (no major trauma, no arthritis or deterioriated joints) and just found swelling in my hand, wrist and fingers. He sent me to get an EMG/NCS to determine if the carpal tunnel had gotten worse as well as a full panel of bloodwork.

The EMG came back slightly worse. Of all the blood tests (strep, arthritis, white blood cell count, etc.) the only 2 tests were that came back slightly elevated were the Lyme tests. He assured me that Carpal tunnel doesn't hurt like this and it doesn't make your joints swell.

So I am on week one of doxycycline + naprosyn (anti-inflammatory). Unfortunately, the pain continues to be excruciating in the middle of every night (from about 2:30-5AM) - so I am getting no sleep. I have tried serious prescription pain killers and while they take a little bit of the pain away, I still can't sleep and it still hurts like heck.

I realize that it might take the full 3 weeks of antibiotics to get the Lyme out of my system -but I really thought that the pain would have subsided by now.

Is there a chance that I might have something else? Does the course of treatment take a long time to start making one feel better? Are there alternative courses of action that I can take to stop the pain?

Otherwise I am a very healthy 30 year old with two young kids - used to go to the gym, eat healthy, am not overweight, don't have any other previous ailments. I live in the Northeast - but am certainly not an outdoors enthusiast by any means and it's the middle of winter!! I never saw a tick or the ring. The disease/diagnosis is weird and the pain is unbearable.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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  • ""I live in the Northeast - but am certainly not an outdoors enthusiast by any means and it's the middle of winter!! I never saw a tick or the ring. "" I am in the NE too, and it has been very mild this winter, so ticks aren't dormant!!.You do go outside, right.. You could have been bitten weeks or months ago, before they symptoms flared up...Sweetie, animals that carry ticks, walk threw your yard and they fall off...So you don't have to be deep in the woods, or even see an animal to have been bitten. Lots of people never get a rash from the tick bite either. The east coast is crawling with lyme disease. Do a search on google and see. You may have had it, before the carple tunnel started up.....I have had Undx'd Lyme for more than 20 yrs...Guess what My first symptom was, carple tunnel!! Both hands, surgery to one and the other went away. 6 yrs ago, all heck broke loose with me, and & was dx'd with fibro.., Now the Lyme finally showed up in the tests as positive!!..I am up in pain every morn between three & five am, with pain too. The other day I went to the rheummy for a pain shot, in the elbow, cause thats been flaring for two months.. HAve you tried sports creams or hot and cold packs, they can help some times. Hopefully, you will feel better soon. Best wishes.
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    • February 4, 2007
    • 00:45 PM
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  • I was reading your messages because I have been fighting the very same symptoms for years. Do you have to have a rash or lose weight?My symptoms are:Chronic FatigueFingers swellLower Legs swellPain in my sides , back upper and lower, headaches hip painIBSforgetfulnessanxietydepression ( due to the fact that all prescriptions dont help)sleep alotshort of breath (I do smoke about 7-10 cigaretts a day)achey all overneck feels weird on the sidesdry mouthHypertensionweight gain (This doesnt go with Lyme's)Tested For:Lupus - negAdrenal Exhaustion - negThyroid - NegDiabetes - NegCT scans, mri, Berium Scan, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy,....etc.....What do you think? The doctors think I am just depressed. I have recently been off my depression medicine for 1 1/2 months and feel better emotionally. But still have all of these symptoms.
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    • February 1, 2008
    • 10:11 PM
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  • I went to the local walk in clinic because of various complaints, knee pain, lethargy, insomnia due to excrutiating burning sensation that escalated when I lie down. I have been on the 100 mg Doxycycline 2 times per day orally for 6 weeks and just went back to the Infectious Disease Specialist, he said I'm cured of Lyme but that I have a concurrent case of Carpal Tunnel, hmmm coincidence? I agree it is excrutiating especially at night, no meds work so don't bother! Get to a Lyme literate doctor immediately! I'm barging the door down, I've had enough!
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  • I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in February of 2008. My primary symptoms where swollen and painful knees. The Lyme Bacteria was detected in the fluid of the knee when I had my knee drained, it was later confirmed through blood tests. I was treated with intravenous antibiotics for 40 days. My knee problems went away almost immediately. I am running again and my knees are 100%. However, in the last few months I have developed Carpal Tunnel Syndrom. Could it be related to the previous Lyme disease, or could the Lyme Disease be reoccuring.Help, Scott
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