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Elbow, arm, shoulder, chest pains -- they say not heart related

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  • Posted By: lovemycountry
  • November 15, 2010
  • 05:31 AM

I have problems with chest pains. and arm pains since the last week of July. All the tests say I do not have heart problems. My elbow and upper arm starts to hurt then it travels through my shoulder and into the left side of my chest. It gets to be so severe I can not move my arm because of the pain until the attack is over. My chest –the left side hurts really bad. The pain can last 20 – 30 min and as short as 5 – 10 min and depends on if I take nitro tabs (4 mcg). I wear a 4 mcg nitro patch. The doctor does not know what it can be.

I told my Dr. that the nitro patch seems to help but the Dr. said I don’t have heart problems and the Dr. does not know why it could be helping. They have been giving me the nitro to help with the pain until my orthopedic appointment. It does seem to help. One Dr. thought it could be some kind of vascular spasm.

I can have the attacks while in bed, asleep, or just sitting. The also seem to come when I start to use my arm to move or pick up things. But often times I am just sitting. I can have 4- 5 attacks in 1 day or as many as 15 attacks.

I have been 2 different hospitals several times. They did an endoscopy – everything was OK. I have had MRI and CAT scans of my chest, no PE’s, no diseases, the cervical MRI showed multilevel degenerative changes, and mild right neural foraminal stenosis at c3 and 4, likely related to uncovertebral spurring.

The CT (w/o contrast) showed degenerative changes involving the gleno-humeral joint space. The MRI (w/o contrast) showed there may be minimal increased signal intensity in the rotator cuff distally, possibly tendinosis. There are findings that may represent a partial avulsion from the anterior superior portion of the glenoid labrum. There is no evidence of a complete tear of the rotator cuff.

Since my gastric bypass I have a lot of loose skin under my left arm and under my left breast that hangs down. Could this cause nerve problems or circulation problems that can be causing these pains?

Could this all be from vitamin problems?

Our family has a bad history of heart problems—now how am I suppose to know if this is heart or not.

‘’What kind of Dr. do you think I should be seeing?

I have been going to the Chiropractor for 6 weeks now. I use a TENS unit at home, use heat, at the Dr. off they do traction on my neck, heat, and the TENS unit.

Other health issues that I have:
Had Gastric ByPass
Have mal absorption issues,
Low Vit. D, iron, b12
Osteoarthritis- lower back, Left knee, knee cap, left ankle
Bone density test – low now have osteopenia
I have fallen several times in the last few years and my shoulder bothers me and my elbow hurts a lot.
PVD/DPN in feet and lower legs
Thyroid nodules

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