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Skin Indentations/Numbness in Fingers

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 2, 2010
  • 00:57 AM

I am a young and generally healthy. For about a year, I have had a circular indentation on the lateral tip of my right thumb that is slightly numb, and occasionally itches. The numbness seems to get worse with cold temperatures. This appeared at about the same time as a deep wrinkle beneath the indentation, which also occasionally itches. After this, an even deeper “wrinkle”—more like a skin abrasion, appeared on the medial side of my index fingertip. I was convinced this was perhaps a friction burn from rubbing said finger against the pad-type mouse on my laptop, which overheated sometimes, and so I switched to a normal computer mouse. But the indentation remained.

Recently, however, I have been noticing the same symptoms slowly starting to appear in the same fingers on my left hand, and the ring and middle fingers on my right hand—symptoms which I cannot attribute to specific causes. Sometimes a little sliver of skin will turn red for a brief period of time, and that same sliver of skin, or skin to either side of it, will become “indented,” and start feeling numb, and easy to mold when touched. I saw a dermatologist who could not diagnose a skin disorder, and instead said the condition could either be carpal tunnel, or a circulatory disorder called Reynaud’s Syndrome.

I went for an EMG, which came back clean, ruling out carpal tunnel. My bloodwork was also fine. As to the Reynaud’s, my skin color never changes as severely as the photos I see online—and again, I am not aware of any skin abrasion/permanent indentations in that condition. I am really getting concerned, because it seems as if one-time events, especially when it is cold, can cause permanent changes to the resilience of my skin/and the sensations I feel. There is no swelling or severe discoloration, as I see in photos of most disorders I see online. I was just curious to hear another opinion on possible diagnoses. Would it be worth it to visit a hand surgeon? No one I’ve seen so far seems to be able to explain these symptoms. Thanks.

Similar issue posted a couple years ago here, with no clear answer.

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