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Dizziness,fatigue,muscle twitching..

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  • Posted By: Tricia75
  • September 12, 2010
  • 03:36 AM

My symptoms started July14th..it started out with just feeling a little out of it all day..sort of in a fog. I got very concerned when i got out of the car and staggered a little, feeling very dizzy. The next day it continued, later that night i had a migrane on the left side of my head (it seemed to be coming from the back of my head up by the base of my skull) The next morning all the muscles up the back of my head on the left side were very tight (not painful when touched or stiff at all..just this tight sensation) and the dizzyness was still there. I was really scared so i went and had an MRI with contrast done on my brain and neck..came back normal. They gave me meclizine for vertigo but it didn't help because i dont' think its vertigo..its dizziness not spinning. After awhile of being dizzy i started to get really freaked out that something was wrong and was having panic attacks over it..but i didn't realise what they were, i just thought it was part of the whole illness. Which made the whole thing worse..i've also been extremely fatigued the whole time and started having muscle twitches all over. I chalked the fatigue and muscle twitching up to the panic attacks and anxiety, as i know that can do alot of crazy things to your body. I tried to just relax and go about the day but it seemed like i wasn't able to control the panic..it was like my brain was just doing it on its own. I've been into the Dr. about 8 times and 2 trips to the ER just to see if anyone could help me. My doctor gave me muscle relaxers which did nothing but help with the twitching. I've been dizzy and fatigued for almost a month now, with no answers and no help. I have had complete blood work done, came back normal as well..i've had my urine checked..i've been drinking Emergen-C to try to build my immune back up..i've seen the ear nose and throat doctor, who refered me to an audiologist to check my inner ear/vesibular system..which all came back normal as well. I asked if i should see a nuerologist and the audiologist said he didn't think i needed to and gave me some exercises to do at home but they are not working. The fatigue is what is really bothering me. I don't understand how the dizzyness and fatigue are connected..but its really effecting my life seriously. i have 3 kids and can barely manage to clean up the house, go shopping and just do all the things i need to do. I'm so frustrated that soooo many people are suffering with this in all these posts and not one doctor knows anything about it. They just keep saying it will get better or its a virus. But in the meantime, my kids and I are suffering. I thought maybe i had labyrinthitis because everything i am experiencing pointed to that but the Audiologist said no because with that disorder he said i would be "spinning in circles" and not having this floating, dizzy sensation. I started taking a low dose of valium 5mg. for the panic attacks and that seemed to help imensly just to calm me down and helps me deal with the dizziness a little better. When you go so long being dizzy with no break except for when you sit down, it really starts messing with your head and your mood. The tightness in my head has subsided somewhat but i cannot for the life of me get over this fatigue and dizziness. I am thinking of doing a parasite detox or a candidia detox, as i'm running out of options and money trying to figure this out. If anyone has ever beaten this or has any suggestions i would love to hear from you. I am wondering if i should try a chiropractor or acupuncture or go to a nuerologist..but i'm not so sure a chiropractor would make sense for the fatigue..maybe the dizziness, but if they are both there for the same reason it just doesn't add up...UGH!! Anyone??

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