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Carpel tunnel symdrome, neck, back and rib pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • September 10, 2010
  • 06:02 AM

Hi. Please help me, I'm in a lot of pain and have been for years. I am female in my early thirties and on a lot of meds. I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel six years ago and now my pain is so severe, I am seeing a surgeon. He had me go to a Neurologist whom rediagnosed me and he doesn't want to look at my neck, elbow, shoulder until he cuts on my hand. I am scheduled in a few weeks to do this and I hope it is beneficial. However, I think my other symptoms which are worse right now might be caused by something else. I recently suffered an injury in my elbow by starting my lawnmower, I pounded my elbow against a metal pole. It has been excruciatingly painful ever since. My PCP ordered an x-ray which didn't show anything. Then he refered me to an Orthopedic Surgeon who doesn't think that it's worth spending the money for MRI's and I agree. Let's see which pains and aches this minor surgeory can relieve me of. My entire right arm is in pain but in feels like it is coming all the way from my neck.My right shoulder is just sore usually. My elbow pain is the worst for me right now. Sometimes I can pinpoint the pain and sometimes not. At times upon waking, my right arm will feel like it is electrically being shocked and the pain shoots up my arm. I know I have carpel tunnel, that's not my question. I am soon to find out if the carpel tunnel is causing my elbow pain. Then he can find the hairline crack or fracture if there is one, or perhaps it is "tennis elbow" I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. My question involves my right side altogether. It will get better if I go to a chiropractor but only for a little while. I suffered a bad neck and back injury about 8 years ago that has never been treated other than by a chiropractor. I went to the er with visible back injuries and they did an mri on my nose! Really. Today my neck is swollen at the right side on the back of it and has been for a couple weeks now.It is painful and causes headaches at the bottom back of my head. Another symptom of the injury is that it seems like my right lowest rib or ribs are not connected like they used to be. They get inflamed from being able to move too much. For the first year I had to wear a back brace modified for my ribs. I can feel it actually "stick out" when I stand a certain way. Has anyone else ever heard of or experienced that? That is my question about my ribs.
Also recently my lower back, again on the right side goes out often and feels like it is pinching a nerve.
Sorry that was long. So that said, I am just curious about the whole tennis elbow, rotator cup, shoulder problems they will find to fix next. And why does my neck get swollen? Is it the bone or muscle or spinal fluid? How can they find out? Couldn't my neck and back be causing problems for my arm and ribs? Should I have this Doctor check out my neck next? He's gonna go for the elbow- but can't that heal itself eventually? My neck has been a problem for years. Should I keep going to the chiro and live with it?
Thank you in advance for the replies, I could really use some input.

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