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  • July 13, 2010
  • 07:58 PM

Hi there, hope someone can shed some light into this matter. I have been from doctor to doctor and they don't know what is wrong with me. Please can someone help...

Personal history
I am 26, married 1 year, 8 month old baby. I am a senior project manager in a very big creative agency and can admit that I do work in stressful conditions.

For about 2 years I have not done much exercising (I use to train up to 3 times a day and when training started I weighed 78. 3 Months later i weighed 98). I have also started smoking again, around 15-20 per day.

Medical history
Up until 8 months ago I was in perfect health
8 months ago I started getting the sensation of skipped beats, which I later found out was in fact extra beats. These beats can go on all night and I can feel them radiating into my entire body. They make my head throb. They also seem to be worse when sitting still or lying down.

About 6 months ago I started getting really dizzy and feeling faint. I though at first that I was busy having a heart attack and rushed to the ER. They checked me out, did an ecg, blood pressure, etc and found nothing was wrong.

The very next night was the same thing, when I arrived at the hospital, the nurse did an ecg and when the doctor examined me thought at first I was having an heart attack so admitted me. They did blood pressure again, chest x-ray and blood works and sent me home with pain killers.

About a month after that I started to get bad chest pain and pins and needles in my left arm, you guessed it, off I went to the ER. All the test done, they sent me home saying it must be stress and anxiety.

I then saw a cardiologist, he performed a rest ecg, stress ecg, heart sonar, blood works, 2 24 hour ecg's and then finished off with an angiogram. All these tests came back clean and they found nothing wrong. I did a follow up after the angiogram with a electro physiologist who said my form of extra beet are normal and i just have to live with it. The frustrating part is that he didnt bother about the chest pain and pins n needles in my arm.

He then suggested that I go see a ENT specialist, which I did. and guess what, he to gave me a 5 minutes onces over and subscribed nose spray and anti inflammatory pills.

I understand his approach, but really a 5 mins checkup and thats it. At least he was nice.

Right now, these are my symptoms:
- Chest pain
- Left arm pain (Pins n needles, tingling, itchy feeling on the inside of my hand)
- Chronic dizziness
- headaches - especially in the front sinus area but can be all over
- Pain in my back when pain in chest occurs
- Pressure in my head, feels like its pushing outwards
- Pressure in my ears, feels like ears are popping
- cramps - all over my body, these are deep aching cramps that feel almost numbing
- Electric shock type feelings are various places in my body
- Tingling in my mouth (its around here that doctors diagnose me with anxiety)
- Pressure in my head and chest increases when bending over and swimming.
- Palpitations - extra beats. Can be frequent or infrequent
- Feeling like a sinus attack only I know what those feel like
- Something that looks like a jock rash

Please can someone shed some light here, It would be nice if a doctor or someone with similar symptoms whom have had a diagnosis and treatment can reply.

I am really worried and fed up for not getting a diagnosis. I am more than willing to take on the concept of anxiety, but cant just settle for that diagnosis after a quick brief checkup, surely!?

Thanks guys and appreciate the time that you spent reading and replying to this message

All the best

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