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GERD causing heart related problems?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 26, 2010
  • 05:06 AM

I'm a guy of 20. You can call me Steve. I'm suspecting I'm having GERD. It all started 3 months ago in march when I had a sudden intense chest tightness just above my nipple on my left.(which is the side of the heart). I went to doctor immediately fearing its heart problem. At the same time, I felt I could not take a deep breath without feeling pain at the soft spot below the centre of the chest. While waiting for my turn for the doctor, I belched a lot and surprisingly it relieved the chest tightness as well as the "inhaling pain" problem I stated above. The doctor diagnosed(just by hearing my symptoms and pressing a few parts of my body) and told me its problem with acid indigestion and gave me ranitidine as well as some antacids to chew on. He also did an ECG on me and my heart is normal. For next week, I took care of my diet and the problem seemed to go away. Soon after, I tried eating a little spicy, but the problem came back again with mild chest tightness and upset stomach. It was then I stopped eating spicy food.

However just 3 days ago, I started feeling sudden intense chest tightness so I went to the doctor again. I was prescribed ranitidine again as well as painkiller, did another ECG, with my heart rate being abit fast, but the doctor said it might be cause of Actifed I was taking that time (I had flu). Since then, every meal of mine until now had been a pain: I could not eat too much as I feel very bloated even before the meal; If I do eat more, It'll be a ***l experience as I'll have an upset stomach, with sensation of food or gas pushing up my stomach to oesophagus but yet I couldn't belch to relieve. What worried me however, was that, everytime I lie down to sleep, I can feel a pain growing beneath chestal bone below my left nipple, but when I sit back up, the pain gradually diminishes. At the same time when the pain grows, my left arm feels "sour" (the same feeling when lactic acid builds up after sport). I consulted the doctor again (yea the 3rd time) explaining my condition and I was given a medicine called Eviline Forte suspension, liquid with peppermint taste for me to take before I sleep. (couldn't find any info on net). I'm also scheduled for Upper Endoscopy next month by 13th.

There are a bunch of questions I wanted to ask, and would gladly appreciate any insights from everyone on my case.

I'm particularly worried about the pain that comes when I lie down along with the sourness of my left arm.(I've read from the net that It can be a heart problem, I've stopped reading from the net because all it does is making me more worried :( )
Can GERD cause these? If it can, how is it possible? Is there anyone with GERD that has this same experience?

To be honest, I don't even know if this is GERD. It might be other gastrointestinal problems, hope I can be enlightened in this. Thanks!

Edit: I had no trouble swallowing, I don't know if I have heartburn because I don't know how it feels, but this morning I did have a burning sensation on my tongue.

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