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Swollen Lymph Nodes on right side of the Neck

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  • Posted By: snoopy316
  • June 16, 2010
  • 00:22 AM

I just turned 26 years old.

About 6 weeks ago I woke up with the right side of my neck very very swollen and painful. The swelling went from behind my ear and about halfway down my neck. It was so swollen that you could not see my jaw line.

That day I went to the Doctor, and he diagnosed me with an upper respiratory issue and gave me 850mg of amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days. He also wanted me to go for blood word. After a few days after goign to the doctor the swelling went down alot, but i still had swollen glands on my neck. On the 7th day of taking amoxicillin I broke out in hives all over my upper body. I went back to the doctor that same day in a slight panic, he took me off the amoxicillin gave me a prescription for prednisone and sent me for blood work. Since I didn't eat all that morning and the night before I went for my blood work following the doctor appointment. After the blood work, i started taking the prednisone.

A few days later the blood work came back and there were some concerns. The one thing he tested me for was mono.. That was negative. The other thing that came back a little funky were my liver enzymes. They were some were 3 times normal the others were 5 times normal. Since I barley drink, this was a concern. He wanted me to go a week and come back to see how i felt.

A week later i went back and i still had swollen glands, i really didn't feel sick at all. I had some slight congestion, which ive had for about 4 months. MY glands in my neck were also still swollen. The one behind my ear was totally come, but there is a node on the right side of my neck below my jaw bone which is still swollen but not nearly as much as when i first went to the doctor. Its maybe the size of a gumball? Not crazy big or small. But its def there. Its weird cause that will get smaller and larger depending on the day..

Alright, so now about 3 - 4 weeks after first seeing the doctor i go back for my blood work to check on my liver. The results come back and the liver enzymes go back down to normal and my 2nd mono test was negative. He tells me to take clariton for what he believes is allergies and causing this issue then tells me to keep and eye on it and come back in 10 days.

Fast forward to week 4 - 5 since my neck swelled up huge.. I go to the doctor. The node in my neck is much smaller but yet hes still there. Like i said earlier the node gets larger and smaller depending on the day. He is now totally out of ideas and sends me to an Ears Nose and Throat Doctor.

The first appointment I could get at the ENT was Tuesday June 15th 2009. Almost exactly 6 weeks after my neck initially swelled up. So now its sunday night. I just finished watching the season premiere of True Blood and its about 10:30 pm. My girlfriend leaves to go home and i feel a weird round bump around the size of maybe 1cm across.. maybe larger on the bottom of my neck. The bump feels hard but not painful. ITs very low on my neck near my clavicle.

So today i go to the ENT. I told him my whole story and he didnt seem too concern. He 1. Didnt think it was an upper respiratory issue or allergies. He told me that my neck swelled up very large that my body was fighting something and swollen glads are very common. I showed him the other lump on the bottom of my neck. This one actually concerns me more than the one near my jaw. He described this as supraclavicular.. I believe..

He was still not crazy concerned. He reassured me that he was nearly positive that this is nothing to worry about, and i prob had this when my whole neck was swollen (6 weeks ago) but just didn't notice it because i was so worried about the other one. He said it was also common for these nodes in the neck to swell up even the one near my clavicle. But to be on the safe side he is sending me to the "Lumps and Bumps" specialist in his group.

The Doctor said that they can preform a CT scan and a fine needle aspiration if need be. He was pretty convinced that this doctor wont need to do those and he will just monitor them to ensure they are shirking.

Well i made an appointment to see the Lumps and Bumps doctor on thursday June 17th and ill ssee what he says.

Even thou the doctor waivesn't super concerned. I am totally freaked out by this whole situation. Everything been reading online sounds like cancer or something like that. It seems when there is swelling in your superclavicle nodes its never a good thing. Im not sure what to think, but i know that I'm scared. Im not sure if its me or not. But i also feel like the swollen node near my collar bone has gotten bigger since i first discovered it sunday. Im not positive thou. But it feels pretty big.

I know this was a really long post, but does anyone have any thoughts about the issue im having? Any advice would be well appreciated.

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