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severe arm, shoulder and neck pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 17, 2010
  • 08:27 PM

I have had pain in my upper right arm for about 3 weeks now. Usually dull aching but sometimes shooting and sharp pain. Within the past week the pain has proceeded into my right shoulder the same way. I actually have several areas on my upper arm and shoulder which are sore to the touch now also. Now Saturday night I was awake all night since the pain has gone into the right side of my neck. This pain is even more severe going from moderate to severe if I attempt to extend or manipulate my arm certain ways. Today is Monday and I awake with some relief in the neck but now my forearm has become incredibly painful, very tender to move or even touch. It feels like it has been crushed. This is becoming too much and I believe I may need to visit the ER. It is quickly becoming intolerable. I had had no accident or trauma to any of the areas mentioned. What might this be?

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  • I currently have the same kind of issue going (except with forearm that part has confused me on what your issue could be).. upper arm (i assume yours is in similar place.. front? upper arm and on the outter? of the upper arm) ... (except issue with the forearm) and have been going to weekly physio for it. With this i get pain going to my neck and pain also in shoulder. It is an issue with the shoulder which is probably causing the upper arm pain. The upper arm gets an issue when there is something like "shoulder impingement" or a "rotor cuff injury" happening. The "shooting/sharp pain" part is when the tendon is catching in the joint due to the impingement. UPPER ARM PAIN one of the 3 main symptoms of it along with it being WORST AT NIGHT when trying to sleep. i too originally had no accident or trauma to the affected area, one day out of the blue it just started hurting. **sighs..in my case its been 10 weeks now and im still on constant pain killers and have also had a steriod injection into my shoulder joint and its not much better** My physio told me that if the shoulder is affected often the other areas may be affected too (or one of the other areas not being quite right, can predispose the shoulder to injury). I suggest you dont leave this issue and see a doctor or a physio about it.. if left it can end up how mine did.. it worsened and i ended up with a torn shoulder tendon! (as the area being damaged..can end up putting the shoulder tendon at risk). This kind of injury can just get worst and worst without treatment. (First doctor told me i'd just unawarely pulled a muscle but was wrong.. i had bulging bursa show up on my first ultrasound and the torn tendon show up on my second one). Straighten your arm to your front and move the arm upwards while straight.. If you have this kind of injury you will find that you cant move your arm from straight in front to above your head as you will hit pain.. same with the arm from sideway out straight to moving it while still straight, to up above your head. im slumped thou on the forearm pain........ Take anti-immflamatory pain killers and see your doctor/physio.
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