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  • Posted By: TabbyCatZac
  • January 11, 2007
  • 11:47 AM

Okay. This is my first time posting anything here, so I’m not really sure if I need certain formatting, or information or anything… so sorry if I mess it up. Also, I apologise if this is the wrong forum… it’s in a lot of areas (back, breathing, muscle, etcetera), so… I just picked this one.

Anyway. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of muscle spasms… or twitches. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between a ‘spasm’ and ‘twitch’. Either way; sometimes an entire limb will suddenly ***k, other times I can feel a muscle quivering for a few moments. It started in my right leg, (thigh) but not it’s everywhere… hands (&fingers), feet (&toes), arms, legs, shoulders, stomach, neck, face. At first it was just annoying, and I ignored it. But now my arms and legs feel tensed and exhausted. I can’t walk for very long without feeling like I’ve run a marathon, and I can’t do much actions with my arms before they start feeling tired. They also feel continuously tensed… like when I set or lie down, and try to relax, it feels like they won’t relax. My legs, especially the right, are not beginning to feel sore as well.
Recently as well, my hands tend to be shaking mildly, a lot. It’s worse in my left hand, and I think it’s just the fingers… if I hold my hands out, I can see that just them seem to me moving, and occasionally twitching.
Another couple things; sometimes I get double vision. Not really double, but things will have like… an outline of themselves around the edges. My vision also seems to blacken a lot after standing (after sitting or lying for a while) a lot lately. Which is mostly just annoying, and somewhat dizzying.

Also, I’m having trouble breathing. No matter how deep of a breath I take, it feels like I can’t get enough air. Sometimes my chest will hurt immensely, which of course makes this worse.
I don’t know if this has any connection, but might as well add it;
About a month or so ago, I went to the doctor because I had a large bulge on my side, and it was hurting. I was afraid something was wrong inside; and was relieved when my doctor told me I had a bit of scoliosis. The only thing I noticed (since I can’t see my back, of course) was the bulge. He said if it got much worse, we might use bracing, or whatever; but said it was fine.

Well, now my back is starting to hurt as well, along with my ribs. My left ribcage is protruding out much further than my right, and my hip bones seem… askew? Tilted? I’m not real sure how to explain it. Bulge is still there too.

I’m seventeen, female. Not sure about my height (over five feet, I know); and about 108 lbs.
My parents say I’m underweight; I’m not sure about that. But before anyone asks, no I don’t have any eating disorders. I eat when I’m hungry, and for the most part quite healthily; lots of fruit, a good amount of vegetables, and definitely meat. =)
The only medicine I’m on is amitriptyline, which my doctor have me a year or two ago for chronic headaches. Might I add, they don’t seem to be working very well anymore… I take one every night before bed as directed (50mg pills), and I still get terrible headaches at times.
Oh yes. I’ve never had any serious illnesses, or injuries, or anything, apart from nerve damage in my left ear… ‘supposably’. I had terrible earaches the other year, and after going to three different doctors, and multiple medicines… it finally went away on it’s own. Some hearing loss, but nothing extravagant.
Anybody have any suggestions of how to help any of these things?

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