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Weird thing in urine (pics), sinusitis - fungal infection from mold, or? =/

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  • Posted By: Sunflower2464
  • March 26, 2010
  • 00:28 AM

Primary problems: Constant/neary constant ear infection, Recurrent Sinusitis, Urinary problem with blood and strange "things" in urine.

I have been having some issues lately, and am having a very difficult time getting a diagnosis. I was very happy to find this forum, and hope that you can help me figure out what is going on!

Ear issue: I've had ear infections that come and go since I was a child. Then, after years of not having much trouble (other than feeling dizzy/off balance much of the time), I had some ear trouble in 2004. I went to my doctor, and she was concerned because something (Eustachian tubes, I am guessing) wouldn't open. I relocated not long after, across the country, and didn't investigate the issue any further. So, in June 2009, I started to get a lot of pain my right ear. I had some sort of abcess in my ear, it was very painful. It finally popped, and drained.. I kept having trouble with the abcess coming back, several times throughout the Summer.
About 2 months ago, the ear problem got bad, again. I've been having a lot of trouble with pressure in my ears, causing me to feel sleepy, dizzy, nauseas and out of it. The doctor kept telling me my eardrums were "bulging", probably from pressure/fluid. The right eardrum has ruptured 3 times in the past 7 weeks, and the left eardrum ruptured twice. Each time, draining sticky, bloody fluid and relieving a lot of pressure. But then, it returns, within a few days, and I am miserable.

Sinusitis: In July '09, I had the worst Sinusitis in my LIFE!! Horrible pain and pressure, staying sleepy, absolutely miserable. I've had this repeatedly since then, but the past 7-8 weeks, it been pretty much constant. Have had a few days of relief, after taking antibiotics, but it returns soon after I finish the meds. And NOW, the antibiotics are not even helping the Sinusitis, at all! It's so bad, you can hear the "squish" sound when you press in around the sinus area, near the nose. Other people can hear it, not just me! Nasty.

Urinary Tract: Where to begin? First, I recently found out that it's not normal to get up a time or two, or three in the middle of the night to urinate! I honestly thought it was normal. I can remember getting out of bed to urinate as a child, once I stopped urinating "in" the bed, that is. lol
Anyway, in October 2009, I started to have a BAD problem with urgency. I didn't know I had to urinate, until it was almost TOO late! By the time I had to go, I could barely make it to the bathroom. And, it seemed like I was urinating ever 1/2 hour-45 minutes. I've had some urinary issues since.. One thing, is this HORRIBLE pressure/pain in my lower abdominal area, and then in the genital/urethral area, when I have to urinate or during urination. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's beyond intense! =(
About 2 months ago, I noticed some white/grayish strands in my urine. Some of them were pinkish. It would come and go, sometimes i'd see it, sometimes not. Then, I started to see pinkish discoloration, especially on the toilet tissue after wiping. The "strands" were appearing more often, and were larger.
I went to see my FNP, and was asked to submit a urine sample. I nearly fainted when I seen the red sample, with 3 blood clots, and two pinkish tissue-like clumps (the strands, but more of a clump than a strand). I was put on Cipro.. No bacteria came back in the sample, just blood.
Two weeks later, had a follow up urinalysis. The sample was still red, but a lighter shade, and I didn't see anything, other than cloudiness. The sample came back with no bacteria, but contained blood. Was put on Erythromycin.
A week or so later, still miserable, went to see another doctor.
Without an examination, and after telling him I just finished a combination of Cipro + Erythromycin, he prescribed Cipro. =/ Which, I am not taking. They also did a urinalysis, and NO bacteria came back, only "large" amount of blood....though, the sample looked normal to me, so that was a surprise.
But... *sigh* I'm lost. don't know what is wrong or what to do.

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