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Pain in the flesh, original diag epididymitis

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 23, 2010
  • 07:12 AM

I have a 14 year old who started having extreme pain in left testicle the first week of feb. We took him to emerge and he was diagnosed with epididymitis and put on amoxacilin. After 5 days with the pain was getting worse. I took him back to emerge at 4 in the morning and they did a second ultrasound and found that the left lymph node was inflamed as well. They said the amoxacilin was the wrong antibiotic and they put him on ofloxacin for 10 days. Again he only got worse. Now the pain was sometimes in the lower abdomen.
I searched the ofloxacin online and found that it was black boxed in the US but not Canada. It apparently can cause major damage to the tendons down the road. This scared me and I started looking for alternate medicines.
Over the internet I found Allimax which is a concentrated form of allicin from a garlic. We tried it for 8 days at 20 capsules a day with no positive results. It was expensive so I had to look for something else.
All of this time my son is in excruciating pain.
I was told about mms2 through a forum and bought the ingredients and capsuled it. My son has been taking it for Last Thursday. He was taking 4 full capsules a day but I cut it back to 4 half capsules on sat.
2 nights ago he was so bad that I took him to emerge again and they finally admitted him. They discharged him yesterday because they said there was nothing they could do for him that we could not do at home.
Today we noticed that he has red spots around his groin and very small pieces of skin on his hands are peeling. The red spots are all around the hips and groin and abdomen. I think he has inflammation of the blood vessels now.
The mms2 is made of a pool cleanser that turns to hydrochlorous acid in the system.
I have some mms1 on order. It should be in within a couple days.
Can anyone tell me what he has. These sore spots are very tender and they are spreading. They are not very prominent and are spaced about 3/4 inch apart. They just look like light red blemishes but the pain is almost intolerable. It is 3 in the morning now and it looks like another sleepless night.

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  • Side effects - genrally speaking, they are "rarer" than the numbers they "heal". You are wise to be carefull, but remember they cure more than they hurt, so keep an eye open for symptoms and use intellegence not worry to give you the best answer.The source of the pain could be simple, testicles are sensative items, if they get squashed, then they can get inflamed which means they are more likely to get squashed (the gap between the legs is not that wde). The use of a different type off underware can allow them to be held in a position or be given more room to move and possibly consider none for a while to allow recovery.The cause may be just part of the body changes that happen, or they got caught and it is just a case of perpetuation, or having gained weight (which has been laied down on the thighs), or "Oedema" (I think it's called) which is swelling of the legs which reduces the gap and hence squashes the testes, this may be caused by some health condition or just the simple bio-chestry of growing up, or he could have had the illness and because of the inflamation caused, this is perpetuating problems, or etc.To help recovery, keeping the testicles free of all presure (this will help inflamation), so legs a few inches apart, do not cross legs, care whilst walking and etc. There are many preperations that can also be used (use your intellegence as to what you choose), and one simple possible item is Whitch Hazel (one sign that there is inflamation is that when you apply it, the inflamed area will dry quickly and as the inflamation goes down, it does not evaporate as quickly) Application with a pump sprayer may be the best way, dampened 3 or 4 times a day for perhaps 2 minutes each time.The spots may be a simple skin infection or such, and possibly the simple result of the stress the baody has been placed in, due to the pain, inflamation and growing boi-chestry problems.He might currently be "over sensative to pain" (part of the bodies protection system).The Witch Hazel should help with the spots, but also there are many other topical applications.Using topical applications can have 2 effects, the simple soothing properties, but also because it reduces stress (i.e. caused by both the pain & inflamation) on the body and can speed recovery.I am not sure how helpfull the above might be, but I do know what he is going through and sincerely hope he gets better soon.Terry
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  • Hi, by the way, I should have said -I think your condition is treatable by yourself when you find the causes, but do not be ashamed (or slow) to see a Doctor if you think there is something more.As I said, most probably it is a few simple things that have just come together and given you the problem, and if you only had 2 of them you or anyone else would be none the wiser (i.e. no one would be complaining about any smell).ALSO -You do not need to be ashamed of your condition.You have a genuine medical problem.I strongly doubt that it is going to be anything like cancer.Equally if you have a Cold or wear glasses, they are medical conditions that deserve the relavent respect.If you were missing an index finger, it is a medical problem and would require due respect. You do have a medical condition (there will be a fancy name for it, but do not both, just get the problem sorted).If some one picks on you, look them in the eyes and tell them you have a medical problem which is being sorted out.You could (with caution, because it depends on their personality), offer that they change places with you and suffer all the abuse for something that is not your fault.Abuse is a valid word, you could also call it bullying, but at the end of the day it is not pleasant and should not happen, but then there is nothing in this world that is perfect.Also none of us are perfect, but we do learn things as we go along, and hopefully become better people.Good luck and I wish you a quick and speedy resultTerryP.S. Look after your identity, I am very causious about what I let out, although I leave my first name, I do not leave anything else can easily be collated by bad people.Also have a look at this web page -http://www.wrongdiagnosis.com/sym/testicle_pain.htm
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