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Dizziness, Fatigue, Hair Loss

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  • Posted By: thesingingsea
  • February 22, 2010
  • 00:31 AM

I'm extremely dizzy (no real issues with vertigo most of the time, though when I wake up really bad, it is occasionally a problem). I feel weak and lightheaded all the time. I never have energy (EXTREMELY tired all the time), and sleep doesn't help (I don't have trouble sleeping). I can't concentrate, I feel like my eyes can't focus on things, I feel really disoriented, I can't think straight. When I'm extremely tired I feel a bit sick and just generally awful. Last time I had a really bad episode (last fall), I also had weird issues with two fingers on my right hand twitching bad enough that I couldn't do anything when it was happening (they would quiver and twitch--not strained, just sitting there--for several seconds straight, and all the muscles in my hand would feel incredibly weak when it was happening), but that doesn't seem to be happening this time around (except in my sleep, but I always twitch in my sleep). I almost passed out on a bus a few weeks ago with symptoms of a hypoglycemic episode (dizziness and fatigue got worse, tunnel vision, everything felt fuzzy, fingertips and mouth were tingly, really bad nausea and stomach pain--got off the bus immediately and the cold air helped a bit, but my knees were buckling horribly and I had trouble standing and walking for awhile).

This has been going on (off and on--I'll go a few weeks feeling normal occasionally) for at least a year (the fatigue part has been going on for at least 3 years, gradually getting worse). I originally thought the fatigue and energy issues were depression, but that doesn't seem to be the case. When the dizziness first kicked in, I thought it was a med side effect, but have since rotated and gone off every med enough to rule them out.

I've had hair loss during this time too that seems to be slowed/stopped by taking birth control pills, though my doctor insists that a hormone imbalance can't cause hair loss, and no doctor I've seen (including the gynecologist who prescribed birth control for an assumed issue with estrogen when I first had the hair loss) has had any interest in testing hormone levels. Also, when I started birth control, I lost 50 lbs without changing ANYTHING about my diet or activity level, over the course of about 6 months (most of the weight loss was in the first 3 months). This was about a year ago. (I'm 21, by the way.)

I've been checked for anemia, diabetes (blood glucose was never below 70, highest I've seen was 113 first thing in the morning after eating a Butterfinger and a biscuit, haha--I've only ever been tested at random, if that matters), vitamin deficiencies, and I've had my TSH, T3, and T4 checked (all normal except T3, which was low, which no doctor has cared about--TSH was 1.5). They checked my blood pressure after laying down and sitting up and all that--all normal (110/60 with no changes). I'm getting all the blood work done again with some other stuff (the last time I had everything checked was October), and a Holter monitor, and an MRI of my head, but I'm just really nervous. I can't handle going to classes when I'm like this, and the spring quarter of my school starts soon. My next appointment with my doctor is just before the next quarter, and I don't want to be out of school longer than I have to. Does anyone have ANY suggestions?

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