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Arm Fatigue, Jerky Movement, mild stiffness, shaky!

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  • Posted By: legend
  • February 19, 2010
  • 03:35 PM

I am 39, male and am in otherwise good health and weight. No drugs or smoking. Never had any medical issues prior. 9 mos ago I had a gym incident--I was doing heavy cardio and everything seemed fine after completion. However, I was sweating profusely and attempted to retain fluids by drinking water. I started a weight routine and after completion of a squatting exercise, I sustained a major headache as well as a trembling left arm. I also fell into some feeling of panic. I went to the ER two days later and after MRI and CT of head plus standard blood work, nothing was found. I was released but still had symptoms of headaches, hands trembling, sleep deprivation, panic and a dull neck ache. The arm symptoms crept up in June, starting with the left.

After various trips to many different specialists (i've had MRA and MRI of neck, sonogram of neck and liver, xrays of chest, blood test for glucose levels, CBC diff, thyroid, etc) nothing has been found except a mild bulging disk and slightly elevated Thyroid, borderline treatable. No treatment was recommended for the bulging disk. Aside for anxiety relating to the ongoing symptoms a thorough psychological evaluation has also been inconclusive.
I was put on various SSRI's, benzos and sleep meds which basically masked the issues and were not even effective. I had many bad side effects. I have not taken any meds for nearly 3 mos, the last being Clonazepam (took that one exlcusively for the last 8 mos)

The following is a comprehensive list of my current issues:

Constant (Ongoing):
--low level inner trembling in both arms, more prevalent in left than right
--mild stiffness in fingers and wrists on both arms
--feeling of fatigue (tiredness) in both arms, mainly in triceps and lower arms, more left than right. No movement issues
--postural “very mild” tremble noticed in hands
--teeth chatter, varying in intensity
--random movement jerks, not very pronounced but almost like a twitch during movement
--general mental fatigue/concentration issues
--feel like I am stuck in 3rd gear.

--Usually between 10- 2 pm
--happens once/day or none at all—maybe 3x week
When flare-ups occur:
--above symptoms are amplified
--random muscle twitches (thumping? in arms and jaw area)
--left leg feels similar to fatigue in arms
--back of tongue will tighten up
--heavier breathing
--symptoms wear and eventually reduce to the Constant levels

Situational Symptoms:
-increased activity can trigger flare-ups (e.g. using arms in repetitive motions)
-frequently waking up at night (4-5 times)
-pinky and ring fingers on both hands numb easily (sometimes simultaneously) while sleeping
-exercise of limbs increases shakiness in arms (such as push-ups)
-If I get a headache, most of the symptoms go away, as if some package is moving from head to body (body-headache symptoms will not co-exist)

Been to countless drs--endocrine, neuro, chiro, internal, GP, ortho, sport medicine-- about 40k in evals. Everyone has a diff opinion but no diagnosis or treatment.

I have two kids, a great family and no other worries but this is really ruining my life. So I come here asking for direction. Tks!

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