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Frequent urination + back pain (kidney pain) - Help!

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  • Posted By: Plastikfear
  • February 4, 2010
  • 07:09 PM

So about 2 weeks ago I went to the Dr. because for the past year or so I've been experiencing all the symptoms of oevractive bladder (except incontinence). Frequent urination, having to go to the bathroom every 10 minutes despite only having a trickle come out... extreme urges to urinate despite not having a full bladder, sometimes unable to fully drain the bladder and having to sit and wait a few minutes for the rest to come out, etc.

I went to the dr. and she had me do a UA sample. They found NO infection, but said there's blood in the urine (urine color was normal, not visible blood). She had me drop off a second sample. The nurse called and said they found more blood, so they want a 3rd sample. They said if they find more blood in there, they are sending me to a urologist. I can't currently drop off another urine sample right now because my menstral cycle just began, so I have to wait until that's over (and possibly wait even a few more days after, I am assuming).

But they haven't explained what may be the cause of blood in the urine, if it could be related to the overactive bladder symptoms (the dr. even said the only thing to cure that particular issue is for a pelvic specialist to show me theraputic muscle stretches or something like that, didn't even mention that drug called Enablex - wtf? She actually never mentioned overactive bladder, just "spastic bladder" whatever that is?).

Add this to: lately I've been experiencing an aching back in the lumbar area, usually when I wake up in the morning. On most occasions it goes away slowly throughout the day but I wake up the next morning and again, the lower back pain. Today however I am experiencing a tender ache in the lower back, more on the sides now than before. i.e. the area in which the Kidneys are. Not a sharp pain, a dull ache. Its constant, however. And of course still the frequent urination, unable to completely evacuate the bladder (all prior symptoms), etc.

I have done internet research, but I've found that this could be numerous different issues, and my symptoms appear to be too vague for me to find any particular diagnosis. It'll probably be at least a week until I finish my menstral cycle to drop off another sample, and by then, if something is majorly wrong, what am I to do?

Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions, or comments? Thanks so much!!

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