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Chronic Cough and Occasional Lung Pain

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 30, 2010
  • 11:51 PM

Okay, first a little background. I'm a 32yr old man, with no major health problems. I only smoked the occasional cigar years ago ... literally I'd say less than 50 cigars lifetime.

About 13 years ago I went to the doc with a chronic dry cough. It never produced, just a little dry cough that was often just a cough under my breath type cough. My doc at that time said it was most likely cough variant asthma related to allergies and my GERD. I tried to ask more questions but she basically said I could accept her diagnosis or we could do a lung biopsy. Needless to say, I changed doctors. but I did accept the diagnosis ... made sense to me.

Fast forward to now. I still have the cough. Also over the last 5 or 6 years, I get periods of shortness of breath. Nothing serious, just makes me want to yawn a lot (and I figured it's just due to me gaining about 40 lbs over the last 8 years). But within the last few years, I had some bouts of pain in my left lung (never the right).

The pain is pretty much a dull pinching sort of pain while I breathe. If I hold my breath it feels much better, or if I press on that side of my chest it feels better. The pain is from just beside the breast bone and up to the top of my lung by my collar bone, and over to near my armpit (although much less noticeable near my armpit). It doesn't bother me at night either, but is aggravated when I go jogging in this cold weather.

The odd thing is that while I have the cough almost all the time, worse at times than others, the pain in my left lung only shows up probably 3 times in a year, and usually only lasts a week or two, rarely longer. I've never heard of cough variant asthma causing this, but I don't know. I have had some incidents of acid aspiration from the GERD, where I awoke at night choking on stomach acid that I had breathed into my lungs. But after such an incident, it's over and like it never happened within a day or two. And the lung pain and aspiration are never in close occurrence.

This thing has me baffled. Does anyone have any ideas or have any similar experiences? I'm currently unemployed so I can't visit the doc until I get a job with insurance, so I'd love to hear any ideas, advice or pointers on what to read up on. Thanks.

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  • Cough Variant Asthma is nothing to ignore.......it is VERY serious. I have been suffering with it for many years, (am now 55) and a cousin of mine died of an attack when she was 32. Cough Variant Asthma is probably the most common cause of asthma related deaths due to the fact that most doctors do not recognize it as astham due to the absence of wheezing. In children a GP will most often misdiagnose Cough Variant Asthma calling it "croupe", or "Whooping cough". CVA can come in almost instantaneously with little or no warning. Sometimes simply laughing too hard can initiate an attack. Often, atttacks can be prolonged, with a realistic feeling of drowning due to the complete inability to breath as your lungs are telling your brain there is something inside that needs to be coughed out, but you know there is nothing there so you are trying to force yourself to breath. When symptoms become that severe, there is a serious potential to pass out due to lack of oxygen. Learning the triggers of your individual asthma symptons is a worthwhile endeavor, and as you find out what they are, it is a good thing to tell your spouse or other family members, and people whom you are routinely around, so they can be aware of not only the causes, but the symptoms, AND let them also know where you keep inhalers and how they can help you administer if necessary.......
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