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Blood in ear / clogging ear

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • December 24, 2009
  • 08:33 AM

Okay, so my ears seem to build up wax a lot, and when it gets to the point that the wax blocks the canal (thus giving me the "plugged" sensation and muffled hearing) I usually wash them out with Debrox (I'm not sure exactly if it is indeed HP, it's something like it though, works on the same principle of softening the wax so it can be easily washed out w/ water, etc.)

Well, being stupid, this time I cleaned out me left ear with a Q-tip because I'd run out of Debrox and I'm a very impatient person (especially with something so annoying as ear-clogging). I cleaned as best I could, and I most likely went too far, as when I removed the last bit and felt the relief of not being clogged anymore, I also felt pain. Not a great amount, but I figured I shouldn't put the Q-tip back in anytime soon (or ever). The next morning, my ear was blocked again, but only a little bit so.

Well, of course I'm still stupid, so I again inspected my ear w/ a Q-tip, and when I pulled it out there was a little bit of blood on it (some dried and some fresh, but again, not a lot of it). I know the plugging is from the blood in my ear, and I'm 99.9 percent positive it's from me cleaning it (probably scraped the canal) and not an infection. I'm not actively "bleeding" as I don't have any excess blood coming out of my ear, it just seems to come about when I aggravate it (surprise there) and I don't get that "swishing" sensation you get when you have swimmer's ear. I will admit that I tried to wash the blood out with water, and of course all that did was plug up my ear a little bit more.

So to sum it up:

- My ear is blocked, which I'm pretty sure is from the blood.
- I was cleaning it and I believe I agitated it
- I only seem to bleed when I try to clean

- I don't believe it's an infection
- No throat, nose, ear pain (only ear pain when I try to clean it) or issues with balance.
- It has been this way for 2 days.

Oh, and the other ear is fine, by the way.

So my question(s) is, does this sound like I've just agitated my ear canal and that's where the blood is from? Is it serious enough to warrant a trip to the ER? If not, will the blood clear on it's own? / How long? Or else what should I be doing to remove it specifically? (I don't think HP will work on blood)

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