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DESPERATE HELP NEEDED - Headaches, fatigue, pressure neuropathy, GI - I'm discouraged

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • November 6, 2009
  • 05:13 PM

I am a 25yr old male college student in a professional program- I need help with my medical conditions and am not getting answers from the doctors I am seeing/ have seen in the past- they all pass each problem off as its own entity, while I feel there is some common underlying issue they are missing.

10yr history of headaches- tension/cluster type. No apparent trigger or time of day etc, very sporadic onset/offset. Last from 3-10 hours or so. Dull ache throughout the head (kind of a disoriented/fatigued/intoxicated type of feel to it). Occ have more pain/discomfort caudally near the base of the skull/neck.

Generalized muscle pain - mainly neck, shoulders and back. Hyper sensitive to pressure or touch at several points on my body- neck, shoulder, lower back and elbows. Things that sit in my pants pockets seem to bother me- they can quickly make my whole leg ache.

Sensitive stomach/ IBS - Have had a sensitive GI tract since I was very young- frequent bowel movements, diarrhea, urge to defecate. Stool is normal only about 1-2 x a week. I usually have a bowel movement 2 times a day, sometimes up to 4.

Tingling/numbness in my left hand. Generally pinky and 2nd to last finger, but also felt in all fingers and thumb at times. Very sensitive medial aspect of left elbow. Muscle pain over top of forearm when having these other symptoms. An EMG was suggestive of mild pressure neuropathy in the elbow (cubital tunnel syndrome) and at the wrist (carpal tunnel).

Vasovagal syncope w/ low blood pressure diagnosed 2 years ago.

These symtopms affect my performance as a professional student and will continue to affect me as a professional in my career. I often times have no motivation to study/work, and my life revolves around my headache and arm pain 5/7 days of the week- it stops me from studying, it prevents me from starting to study, makes me very distracted and lack of focus while trying to study..

I need help in piecing these symptoms together or what type of doctor to seek out to help me do this.

My current neurologist has a tentative diagnosis of fibromyalgia, but doesnt seem very convinced (ie i had to press him to consider that the group of these symtopms are very similar to fibromyalgia, then he agreed after pressing him)- I have been on lyrica for about 1.5 yrs now with mild improvement. I also take tizanadine (mild muscle relaxant at night)

My cardiologist just says that I will grow out of the syncope eventually and I am on fludrocortisone

I have been through multiple MRI, CT, cervical rads, EEG, all for my headache
Have been tested neg for gluten allergy and ANA.
Have had a colonoscopy to help w/ GI issue diagnosis - all wnl

My father had diabetes and always complained of "being painful" but was never figured out/localized etc...
My older half brother has been diagnosed w/ MS
An uncle has issues w/ cervical vertebrae

Please help, I fear that my career is going to suffer if I dont get things figured out- I'll always be tired, unmotivated, thinking with a cloudy head from my headache, and be struggling through my day fighting off the fatigue and muscle pain.

Thank you so very much for you time, I greatly greatly appreciate it.

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