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Underarm white patches

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 12, 2006
  • 03:07 AM

About 7 months ago, I noticed that I was getting these really light spots under my arm. I finally went to the doctor and she had never seen anything like it. She didn't think it was vitiligo, so she told me to switch to a mild deodrant (Almay) and prescribed a cortizone to put on the spots at night. I went back for a follow up appointment and she noticed that the hair that was there was still black so she said there was pigment in those patches of light skin. However, she still doesn't know what is going on. She said it is rare for vitiligo to start in the underarms. HELP!

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  • Hi,I too started getting my Vitaligo under my arm pits...I changed deorderants see if it would help and it didn't. 13 years later I have it all over 65% of my body and am thinking maybe there is more to it. I have many autoimmune diseases and have been told it is linked. I just recently got a leasion on my vaginal area and the doctor noticed white patches there too. She said it could be Lichen Sclerosis or just Vitaligo. The problem with the Lichen Sclerosis is that it can cause cancer. It pays to keep going to a doctor until someone cares enough to find out the certain truth.
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  • :( I was diagnosed with Vitiligo, 3 years ago. It was an abnormally swift onset, starting around my mouth & eyes, it honestly happened:eek: overnight! It took a while but I was diagnosed with Vitiligo. It is on my face, underarms, top of thighs. I have since been diagnosed with several 'rare' autoimmune diseases. In my opinion there has to be a link. Just recently I have been diagnosed with Lichen sclerosis, which I thought was Vitiligo, and I have osteo arthritis, again a swift onset. Last year I was taken into hospital for cataract removal in both eyes, again, at an unusually young age for this, plus a swift onset. I wish I could find a Dr who is doing research into this kind of thing, right now I am concerned about where this will lead! Will I end up with MS, or something similarily terrible?:confused:
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    • August 15, 2006
    • 06:06 PM
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  • Test for SLE
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    • September 28, 2006
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  • A doctor at the Mayo Clinic recently prescribed PROTOPIC for my vitiligo. It is slow to work, but I think it is working. The doctor said it's not a sure thing, but if it works, then good for me. If no result in 6 months, it's never going to work. But at least on the spots on my hands that really bother me the most, I think it's working. Protopic is usually prescribed for eczema. It is an Immunosuppressive drug. My vitilgo began slowly, but then this past year when I had pituitary-adrenal axis failure (a variation of a temporary immune disorder) my vitiligo spread like wildfire. Ask your doctor for prescription and try it on your hands or somewhere else that isn't hidden by your clothes. Be patient! One thing ---- my vitiligo isn't one symptom of an immune disorder like some of the other postings. Perhaps an immunosuppressive drug would not be appropriate in those cases.... Also, vitiligo can be diagnosed fairly quickly and accurately by a dermatologist by its characteristics (irregular shape, etc) but especially by its "fluoresence" when exposed to a Woods lamp. See http://www.dermabest.com/links.aspx?id=8. Other skin disorders are also differientiated with a Woods lamp. When you make an appointment with a dermotologist, ask if the doctor has a Woods lamp. If not, choose another dermotologist.
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    • February 16, 2007
    • 00:45 AM
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